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Yeti Cycles Buyer's Guide

Sweet Pete's is your Toronto Yeti dealer!

We couldn't be more stoked to be your Yeti dealer here in Toronto. Whether you want to race or just rip, Yeti makes bikes you want to ride. With a history and pedigree that is the envy of the industry, their bikes all share a legendary DNA and spirit.

Refined to perfection by the Rockies and an incredible team of racers, ambassadors and employee's. There isn't a Yeti that doesn't rip and they don't call them superbikes for no reason. 85 'Til Infinity.

In this buyer's guide, we're going to go over the new Yeti lineup and break down the areas where each bike excels, and provide a short overview of the killer specs to get you all fired up.

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Yeti ARC

Yeti ARC

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Yeti ARC details

Perfect for: Full-throttle XC rides, all day epics, and wild bikepacking adventures

Yeti has brought their famous ARC bike with a vengeance, and while the name traces its roots back to mountain biking legend, the new generation is focused solely on the future. Although it's a hardtail, the new ARC is spec'd to be much more than an aggressive cross country bike, although it would surely crush any XC course you can find. The ARC is designed for massive climbs, fast and furious flow trails, and adventures so big you'll want to carry some extra gear. Within the Yeti lineup, the ARC is entirely its own beast, and this beast rips.

Yeti ARC Features

Front travel: 130mm

Wheel size: 29"

Headtube angle: 67°

Seat tube angle: 76°

Yeti SB115

Yeti SB115

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Yeti SB115 details

Perfect for: XC racing over demanding terrain

The SB115 is one of two Yeti models specifically designed to win races, and if you race cross country, this bike should definitely be on your radar. The SB115 is all about smoothing out the trail. It allows you to glide over rocks and roots so you can maintain better control and higher speeds throughout the course. This short travel downcountry ride is built for 1st place ambitions, but it’s equally at home on your local trails for serious fun and versatility.

SB115 Features

Rear travel: 115mm

Front travel: 130mm

Wheel size: 29"

Headtube angle: 67.6°

Seat tube angle: 74°

Yeti SB130

Yeti SB130

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Yeti SB130 details

Perfect for: all-around capability, all over the mountain

The SB130 is great for riders who don’t like to choose. It’s the perfect mid travel trail bike for trimming down the fleet and upgrading to a set of wheels that’ll power you up the mountain and shred the whole way down. If you’re an all-mountain rider who takes pride in tackling wild descents and the big climbs to get there, you’ll love how the SB130 offers great pedaling efficiency and downhill prowess.

SB130 Features

Rear travel: 130mm

Front travel: 150/160mm

Wheel size: 29"

Headtube angle: 65.5°

Seat tube angle: 77°

Yeti SB140

Yeti SB140

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Yeti SB140 details

Perfect for: trail-shredding, gravity-defying fun

Yeti’s SB140 is their wild child. This bike loves to get creative and offers a super confident and playful feel that riders can’t get enough of. With plenty of travel for big air and big terrain, it’s best suited for park and downhill fun, but it still maintains great uphill efficiency for a well-rounded ride that’s a blast for any situation.

SB140 Features

Rear travel: 130mm

Front travel: 160mm

Wheel size: 27.5"

Headtube angle: 65°

Seat tube angle: 77°

Yeti SB150

Yeti SB150

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Yeti SB150 details

Perfect for: enduro racing, heavy-hitting trail rides

Yeti takes its racing extremely seriously, and the SB150 is one hell of an enduro racing bike. Every component choice and every geometry decision was made with 1st place in mind, and one look at the SB150’s performance on the world stage tells you all you need to know about its capabilities. It’s a terrain-eating 29er that offers more speed and control than the competition. This bike will make you faster, end of story.

SB150 Features

Rear travel: 150mm

Front travel: 170mm

Wheel size: 29"

Headtube angle: 64.5°

Seat tube angle: 77°

Yeti SB165

Yeti SB165

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Yeti SB165 detail

Perfect for: epic descents, massive air, hair-raising fun

The SB165 is built for huge descents and epic days at the park. If you like to push the limits and seek terrifying lines, the two of you will get along just fine. Its massive amounts of travel and in-the-bike feel give you the confidence you need to silence your inner screams and send it harder than ever. The SB165 is one seriously fun thrill-seeker.

SB165 Features

Rear travel: 165mm

Front travel: 180mm

Wheel size: 27.5"

Headtube angle: 63.5°

Seat tube angle: 77°


We are incredibly proud to partner up with such an innovative brand. A brand that is committed to change and supporting its community. That has an amazing history and culture. The bikes have already begun to arrive in store and will continue to over the next few months until we have a full lineup.

A range of apparel will also be arriving soon because we are all in on the Turq. We will be doing a range of demo bikes for 2021 and are hoping to do some events if possible. We cannot wait for this journey to really get going.

A look at Yeti’s TURQ and C/series carbon fiber

The best carbon fiber for mountain bikes

Yeti is a performance brand dedicated to providing riders the best possible experience, and they believe that a carbon fiber frame is the best way to start the process. 

Two level of incredible carbon

Yeti offers 2 types of carbon for their bikes, C carbon and T carbon. Both are incredible, but read on to see which is right for you.

Yeti frame rear angle

TURQ series carbon

T/series, or TURQ carbon, is Yeti’s elite frame material and layup that’s offered on their highest-end models. 

No detail is spared in the making of these gorgeous frames, and Yeti pinpoints the precise areas where ultimate stiffness is a must and areas where compliance is key. 

The result is an extremely lightweight frame that’s perfect for mountain biking, and it’s what Yeti team riders race to victory on the toughest courses in the world.

Yeti carbon fiber layup

C/series carbon

In order to offer bikes at different price points, Yeti created their C/series carbon for riders who want incredible quality but don’t mind a little bit extra weight. 

By making a few changes to the TURQ layup, Yeti is able to make a frame that’s more cost effective for riders while maintaining the same level of strength, stiffness, and compliance. 

The only tradeoff is a small weight penalty, or about 225g per frame.

Yeti’s Switch Infinity suspension

At the heart of every Yeti bike is the Switch Infinity system. If you haven't heard about Yeti’s uniquely capable suspension, here are the main takeaways:

The Switch Infinity system uses a translating pivot that moves up and down on rails as it progresses through the travel, but what does that mean for you?

Yeti Switch Infinity suspension system

Super tunable

For starters, it means that the anti-squat curve and the leverage ratio can be tuned independently, and that’s a capability the competition can’t duplicate. 

You can mount the system in different ways depending on what characteristics you’re looking for.

Yeti Switch Infinity leverage curve

Great on climbs, dominant on descents

Switch Infinity’s initial high anti-squat keeps the shock from affecting your pedal stroke so you can power up climbs with efficiency. 

Once it heads further into the travel, that anti-squat level diminishes so you can reap the full benefits of the shock and enjoy a bottomless feel that’ll have you sending it big.