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Get up to Half Back on Kids Bikes

Kids grow fast and that can mean a new kids bike every couple of years, taking it from fun to frustrating and expensive. We want you to never out grow the fun. That's why we have the Sweet Half Back program for kid’s bikes.

Buy a new kids bike from Sweet Pete's or our online store and bring it back within 2 years to receive half back towards junior's next bike. If your child hasn't outgrown it within 2 years or you have a younger child that will ride it you can still get up to a quarter back of what you paid within 4 years.

A kid’s bike at Sweet Pete's bike is defined as having wheels 26 inches or smaller. Half and quarter back are offered on bikes originally sold by Sweet Pete's Bike Shop. Any damages (skidded tires, broken pedals, torn seat or grips, frayed/rusted cables etc.) will be deducted. Half and quarter back must go towards a bike either brand new or pre-loved. No in-store credit, no cash or refunds. Half and quarter back can go towards a smaller kid’s bike for younger siblings. Half and quarter back are pre-tax. Customer must have an account with Sweet Pete's Bike Shop. Brands included in the half and quarter back, Trek, Giant, Liv, Kona, Cleary, Early Rider. Run bikes are included. Wehoo trailers, Trail-a-bike, folding bikes and child trailers are not included.

Retro active to January 1st 2018