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Retül Dynamic Bike Fitting

The Retül Motion Capture system is the most advanced dynamic bike fitting system in the industry.  In the past, fitting has been limited to static measurements taken while stopping at specific points in the pedal stroke.  While this is a good method, it does not allow measurements to be taken while actively riding.  The Retül system captures real-time, 3D, millimeter-specific data from 8 anatomical points on each side of the body with extreme accuracy.  The large amounts of data allows the Retül certified fitter to asses everything from the riders position to how they move on the bike, as well as assess any pain or discomfort while riding. They will look at individual points as well as how all the body moves as a whole. 

The goal of a fit is to optimize balance and comfort in the overall position of a rider while they are riding their bike.  Retül has established optimal ranges for each angle of the body involved in cycling. This allows the fitter to make precise adjustments
that are individualized to the rider while also making the rider more efficient.  As well as gaining efficiency, a Retül fit allows for compensation of injuries or anatomical imbalances, and in most cases leads to performance gains and improved comfort in the saddle over extended periods.

What happens in a fit?
A fit can be done on an existing bike or upon/before the purchase of a new bike.  To get fitted before you buy we can use the fully adjustable Retül Müve bike that can replicate the fit of almost any bike and size, this allows the rider ton get perfectly fitted to the bike as part of the purchasing process.

We start all fits with Rider History. This includes past riding experience and specific upcoming goals, as well as past injuries and discomfort or pain experienced as a result riding.  After the Rider History, the fitter will asses the cleat position and perform a physical assessment.  The physical assessment looks for any left/right discrepancies or tendencies in the physical makeup of the rider as well as assessing overall fitness and flexibility. LED markers are then placed on 8 anatomical points on each side of the body, and an initial video capture is done from both front and side angles.

3D data is then captured under various degrees of resistance on both left and right sides.  The rider will be able to see themselves on the screen as it displays their movements in real time. Using the captured data the fitter will make adjustments to the bike/position and then re-capture.  This process is repeated after each change until the rider is optimized and comfortable.   

After all adjustments have been made a second video is captured and examined. From this and the initial video a photo will be extracted to display the changes.

The final step is to ‘digitize’ the bike using the Retül Zin.  Using 13 points on the bike, the Zin creates a digital profile and precise measurements allowing the fit to be copied to additional bikes, or transferred to a new bike.  

After the fit is done, the fitter will create a comprehensive report which includes:

  • a summary of the fit
  • an overview of what changes were made
  • an overview of the physical assessment
  • data from the final left and right 3D captures
  • pre-fit and post-fit photo’s
  • a Zin report with milimeter precise measurements of your bike

Who can benefit from a Retül fit?  
Anyone who rides a bike at any level, whether it is road, mountain, cross or triathlon, can all  enjoy the same benefits of a fit.  While it is common to have a fit done after experiencing pain and discomfort from riding, having a full fit can also prevent it by putting the rider in the best position from the start.  

What do I need to bring for a fit?  
To perform a fit, the rider needs to bring cycling shoes, pedals and riding clothes.  It is also recommended to bring a water bottle and your favorite riding snack as you will be active during the fit.  If the fit is being done on the Müve fit bike bring your favorite saddle if you have one.  

New Saddle Pressure Mapping!
New to the Sweet Pete's fit studio is the groundbreaking Saddle Pressure Mapping System developped fo Trek by Gebiomized in Germany.  The system analyses pressure from 64 sensors enabling us to accurately quantify pressure and better visualize the rider’s contact with the saddle.  This allows us to make positive changes to the saddle and position on the bike arriving at the optimal position and saddle for any rider.

This features is now included in a Retül fit or can be combined with a static fit for just $99

Retül Dynamic fit at Sweet Pete’s is $325 which includes Saddle Pressure Mapping.  

Transfer Fit Co-Ordinates to secondary bike $50

Static Fit with Saddle Pressure Mapping is $150

Static Fit Sizing consult on bikes purchased not at Sweet Pete’s $100.00/hour charged in 20 minute increments.

Is a Retül fit included when I purchase a bike?

A full Retül fit is not included when you purchase a bike. However, we will include the sizing and adjustment of any bike that is purchased from us.  This consists of:

  • ensuring correct frame size
  • the seat is in the correct height and position (static measurement)
  • assess the reach and back angle
  • suggest a different stem if required
  • set cleats in a neutral position

Bike sizing and fits can be booked by Monday-Friday at our 1204 Bloor St. West location by emailing , by calling 416-533-4481, or clicking the button below to schedule your appointment.