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Electric Road Bikes Guide

What are electric road bikes?

Electric road bikes are high performance drop bar bikes designed for extra speed on paved surfaces thanks to a pedal-assist motor and battery. They're almost identical to regular road bikes in terms of narrow tires, lightweight frame materials, and geometries meant for speed, but they have the advantage of giving riders a helpful boost that can expand their possibilities. Read on to learn more.

Top reasons to ride an electric road bike

Ride more kms in less time

If you'd like to tackle bigger loops and generally just see and ride longer distances, electric road bikes will help you cover more ground faster than ever. With the added boost of the motor, you'll spend less time grinding up climbs and more time taking in the scenery.

Conquer bigger challenges

An electric road bike will help you take on longer routes, bigger climbs, and more difficult challenges. By expanding your capabilities you'll be able to broaden your horizons and push your limits. You'll certainly surprise yourself.

Keep the pace on speedy group rides

If you want to keep up with faster riders, an electric road bike will help you hold their wheel and tag along for fun group rides more easily.

Best electric road bike features

Here are some of the best electric road bike features that make these models so fast and fun. Keep on reading to take a look.

Removable Fazua drive system lets you ride au naturale and save weight

One of the coolest features that are found on certain e-road bikes is the removable Fazua drive system. It's an electric bike motor and battery all in one and it's one of the lightest systems on the market, designed to provide a natural-feeling ride quality. 

You can take the entire system off your bike, shedding nearly 3kg in the process, and ride your e-road bike without any assistance or added weight, which is perfect for riders who love a good challenge. You'll find this great tech on most Trek electric road bikes.

Ride faster with assisted speeds up to 32 km/h

Electric road bikes will really let you bust out the kms. Most e-road models will provide assisted speeds up to 32km/h, which is plenty fast for turning the long grueling flat sections into a joy ride.

Choose your assistance level: a little or a lot

Simple, intuitive controls allow you to easily toggle between levels of assistance so you can always be in the right gear and have the right amount of boost for every section.

Long lasting batteries let you ride longer

The integrated battery packs last long enough for you to pedal your heart out and all the way back. The pack is also typically integrated into the down tube on high performance electric road bikes, making them look extra sleek and keeping them well balanced.

Best Electric Road Bike Brands

Trek Electric Road Bikes

Trek electric road bike models like the Domane+ often utilize the lightweight Fazua drive system, making them easily switch between electric and non electric for riders who want the option.

Giant Electric Road Bikes

Giant electric road bikes like the Revolt E+ feature very long lasting batteries that can help you go extra far on a single charge.

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