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New Bike Service Plan

Did you just get a new bicycle from Sweet Pete's?
Well don't worry as we have you covered for the next year!

Included with the purchase of any new bicycle from Sweet Pete's is our New Bike Service Plan. We like to look at it as one year of hassle free riding. It's redeemable at any of our retail locations regardless of which Sweet Pete's location you purchased the bike at. We've listed the details below.

Free Six Week Service (20-30 minutes) $40 value
When a bike goes from the sales floor to being ridden regularly there is a settling in period on all of the moving parts. We’ve got you covered with our complimentary Six Week Service. This includes a Brake Adjust, Derailleur Adjust, an inspection of the bike for any damage and a check of the chain and tires to see how they are performing. We will book this when you pick up your new bike. 

Half Price Standard Tune Up $50 (regular $100, so a saving of $50)
Bikes need regular maintenance and we want to make it easy for you to keep your bike fresh. We’ll book this tune-up when you're in for your Six Week Service, and like before we’ll give you a call to remind you. Needs to be redeemed within a year of the bikes purchase.

Free Flat Fix Coverage for one year from date of purchase ($25 value per flat)
There’s nothing worse than a flat tire on a sunny day! New to the Sweet Pete’s Service plan is free replacement and installation of a new inner tube to get you back up and running as soon as possible and without a cost. We’ll do our best to establish what caused the flat and offer suggestions on how you may avoid getting another one in the future. Most flats are caused from not having enough air in your tire – feel free to swing by and pump up your tires at any of our locations any time you like.

Free Installation of Accessories*
Half the fun of buying a new bike is decking it out with awesome accessories! Fenders, racks, bells, lights and the many additional accessories we have to make your ride yours to be proud of. Any accessories that your purchase from us within a year of purchasing your bike we will install for free.

Supplemental Warranty Coverage
We sell the best products from the best brands with the best warranties in the business. However most companies warranty polices leave the customer on the hook with the labor required to complete a claim. To make this process as simple as possible and at no cost to you, we go the extra mile to turn any warranty claim into a positive experience. We will cover the labor and shipping for all bikes.

*excludes Ridewrap