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Sweet Pete's is your CycleOps trainers Canada dealer

Saris Trainers

CycleOps trainers and smart trainers are made by Saris and offer a fantastic indoor cycling experience to riders who want to train like the pros.

Sweet Pete's is proud to be your CycleOps trainer Canada dealer, and we've got great models that we know you'll love.

Connect your bike and your favorite training application like Zwift and you're ready to get in a great workout.

Saris Trainer Skewer
$17.99 $19.99 10% Savings
- Replacement rear wheel skewer. - Specifically designed for use with Sari...
Saris Saris Trainer Mat
$59.99 $109.99 45% Savings
Protects your floor from sweat and bike grime. Product Features: - Prot...
Saris Trainer Mat
$87.99 $109.99 20% Savings
If you are or are planning to ride an indoor bike trainer, this is an essen...