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Sweet Pete’s E-Bike Service Policy

  1. E-Bikes must use an e-assist system that we carry. It does not need to be a brand
    we carry, but the system used must be a system that we carry. Eg, we may service a
    Specialized bike that uses a Shimano system, but not a Rad Power bike.
  3. The above applies even if the work being done does not include the e-assist
    system. The risk is that if an e-bike that we don’t carry malfunctions at any time, we are
    liable to fix it, and will not have the resources required to do so. Even if we’re not
    touching any part of the e-assist system, if it’s not a system we carry, we will not work on it.
  5. If the battery can be removed to charge, the key must be left with us at drop off.
    Most e-bikes have a battery that can be removed with a key - that key must be left with
    us and the battery must be removed so that we can store the bike and battery separately
    in our storage area. Integrated batteries (that cannot be removed at all) such as those on
    FX+, do not need to be removed.
  7. If the battery has been “rebuilt,” then it must remain off-site. Rebuilt batteries have
    a much higher risk of failure. We do not permit customers to keep their rebuilt batteries in
    the store, at any time, regardless of the brand of the system.

  9. If the system has been modified in any way, we reserve the right to refuse service.
    This includes rebuilt batteries, re-soldered wiring, any ‘speed defeat’ devices, and any
    additional batteries that have been added. We reserve the right to refuse service on any
    e-bikes with any modifications from their stock components.
  11. If the battery appears to be malfunctioning, we reserve the right to refuse service.
    If the battery is “hot” or if it otherwise appears to be malfunctioning, we reserve the right
    to both refuse service and refuse to keep the bike on-site.
  13. The e-bike system will be updated while it is on site. Most e-bike systems that we
    carry offer occasional firmware updates for the software stored on the e-bike. In order to
    properly diagnose and identify problems, the e-bike system may need to be updated. If
    the e-bike has been modified, this may render the system inoperable. It is the
    responsibility of the customer to inform us if they do not want their ebike updated.
    Otherwise, any time it is in for service, assume that it will be plugged in and updated
    without confirmation.

The above policies have been implemented for the protection of our business, staff, and
tenants, and have been created with both our years of expertise selling and maintaining e-bikes,
and with requirements provided by our insurance company.