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Trek Bikes At Sweet Pete's Toronto

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Sweet Pete's is proud to be your Trek Bikes dealer in Toronto

Before it developed into the cycling industry giant it is today, Trek started with humble beginnings in a rented red barn in Waterloo, Wisconsin. What started as a few friends crafting steel touring bikes over time grew into a business synonymous with quality and performance. Demand hasn't slowed down for Trek since, and they have expanded all aspects of their company in order to produce the best bikes on the market for every level and style of rider. but don't take our word for it, come down and see for yourself what Trek bikes are all about. We're confident we will find a bike you'll love.

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Trek Electric Bikes

Trek's line of electric bikes are changing what people are capable of on two wheels. Their powerful fine-tuned Bosch motors are engaged by your own pedal strokes, so you provide the power and the bike provides an extra push. Trek offers E-bikes in various models to suit the needs of many different kinds of riders. Maybe you want to cut down your commute time, or just want to arrive at your destination less sweaty and tired. Maybe you want to keep up with the pack on weekend rides. Or maybe you want to tackle more difficult trails and explore even further. No matter your riding goals, electric bikes from Trek are worth a serious look.

Trek Mountain Bikes

There aren't many areas where Trek doesn't excel, and their Mountain Bike category is no different. Trek offers bikes in every style: from Cross Country hard tails, to full suspension Enduro and Trail bikes, to big tire Fat bikes and Plus bikes. Trek has developed some industry leading technologies that get incorporated into their bikes, and with many different price points, Trek has found a way to make mountain biking accessible to customers with a tight budget without sacrificing quality. And if you're looking to invest in a truly awesome machine, Treks higher end models are raising the bar all over the world for off road riding.

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Trek Road Bikes

Trek is also no stranger to the world of Road Bikes, and you don't need to look too hard to find their bikes in the biggest races in the sport. Intense lab testing and real road riding have allowed Trek to build road bikes that excel in aerodynamics, weight, stiffness, responsiveness, and compliance. Whether you're just trying to get into the sport, a weekend warrior looking take your riding to the next level, or a seasoned competitor, Trek has a road bike for you.

Trek Fitness, Hybrid, Commuter, and Urban Bikes

So what if you aren't looking to kit up in full spandex and off road lingo like "shred" and "crush" doesn't describe your riding aspirations either? Maybe you are looking to drive less, stay in shape, commute to work, or just have some fun outside. Whatever your goals are, Trek has simple, comfortable bikes in many different price points to get you moving on two wheels. Saving money on gas, being more active and having fun outdoors is reason enough to add a Trek bike to your garage. We'll help you find the perfect bike to fit your lifestyle.

Trek Kids' Bikes

Trek makes quality kids' bikes for all ages designed to be safe, fun, and tough enough to handle the use they will get at the hands of your young rider. These bikes hold their value, and often still have some resale value after being handed down once or twice. Bikes are great for confidence building, staying active and healthy, and nurturing independence and the sense of discovery. Get a bike your kids will love and watch the magic happen.