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Best Bike Trainers

Sweet Pete's is your go-to bike trainer Toronto dealer

Indoor bike trainers are one of the best ways stay in shape and improve your fitness. Sweet Pete's carries some of the best bike trainer models from the top brands in the industry like Tacx, Wahoo, and CycleOps (now Saris). Push your fitness to new levels with these great products below.

Read the guide below, or shop all our indoor bike trainers.

Note: All Tacx, Wahoo, and Saris smart trainers come ready to run Zwift. For the best smart training experience additional components are required ie: apple TV / smart TV, PC or Mac.

Best Bike Trainer Brands & Models

Sweet Pete's is your Tacx trainer Canada dealer

Tacx Trainers

Tacx trainers are some of the best out there. With tons of great features and connectivity, you'll be able to train like a pro right at home.

Ever wondered what the quietest bike trainer is? The Tacx Neo 2T is the world’s quietest bike trainer. The Tacx Flow Smart is our trainer of choice for our indoor cycling classes here at Sweet Pete’s.

Sweet Pete's is your Wahoo trainer Canada dealer

Wahoo Kickr Trainers

Wahoo Kickr trainers come in several great variations so you can get the most out of your workouts, whether you want to work on your sprints, climbs, or general endurance.

According to the Wahoo Kickr is the gold standard in direct drive trainers. also rates the Kickr Core as the best value, and the Kickr Snap is the best wheel drive indoor bike trainer.

Sweet Pete's is your CycleOps trainer Canada dealer

Saris Trainers

Saris is another top brand of bike trainers that will keep you running like a well oiled machine all year long with their wide line of high performance models. 

Hailing from Madison WI, Saris offers Made in USA products and receives a Editors Choice for the easiest to store trainer (H3), an important consideration for downtown living. The H3 is also the trainer of choice for Sweet Pete himself.

Why should you use a bike trainer?

Ride all year 
Bike trainers are perfect for riders who need a fun way to exercise when winter sets in. If you love to ride and dread the off season, picking up a bike trainer could be the best thing you can do for your physical and mental health.

Train smarter 
Besides the obvious benefit of being able to ride indoors during the cold winter months, bike trainers allow you to really dial in your training sessions with specific workouts that would be nearly impossible to replicate out on the roads. You can simulate big climbs and timed sprints without having to go find the perfect location.

Compete against your friends 
Smart trainers are great because they can wirelessly connect to training applications like Zwift, where you can compete in fun challenges against your friends and other riders all over the world. They're perfect for giving you that extra bit of motivation you need to get going.

What do I need to start indoor bike training?

If you choose a direct drive trainer you will need to swap your cassette over from your rear wheel to the trainer, or purchase a 2nd cassette to keep on the trainer. Our service dept. can help with this set-up. If you choose a wheel drive trainer you will need a trainer specific tire. Regular tires don’t hold up to the heat on the resistance unit. Our service dept can help with the tire swap.

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A sweat guard is handy to protect your bike. And keep a couple towels handy, one for you and one to wipe and sweat off your bike. You may also want to consider a floor mat for protecting your floor. There are also a number of accessories to make riding more like being on the open road. Wahoo offers the Headwind smart fan and the Climb grade simulator. Saris has the MP1 Nfinity Trainer Platform that moves underneath you to give you the feeling of gliding along the road.

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Don’t forget a nice comfortable Chamois to ride in. With less getting out of the saddle it’s mega important. A nice jersey is good too but it’s your house you choose the dress code.

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Different kinds of bike trainers

Why choose a Wheel on trainer? 
Affordable and compact. Easy to attach and put away. 

Why choose a Direct drive trainer? 
It attaches directly to your drivetrain for smoother power transfer and more accurate training. Easy app connectivity, great Zwift and smart training option. 

Why choose a Bike simulator? 
It’s the premium product in the indoor training category and also the most expensive. Stand alone bike offers the most realistic and stable platform. Plus then your bike is ready and available for an outdoor day when the weather is nice.