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Giant Bikes At Sweet Pete's Toronto

Sweet Pete's is proud offer Giant Bikes to Toronto

Although they started small, as the name suggests, Giant is and has been a major player in the bicycle industry for decades. They have remained true to their roots and developed a massive brand on the idea that the best products in cycling should be accessible to all, so that more people can experience the joy and passion of riding bikes. Another defining characteristic of the Giant brand is the constant pursuit of innovation that has continued to redefine what is possible on bikes, making industry-changing breakthroughs that allow riders to push the boundaries of the sport. Giant's goal is to make the best bikes for all ages, abilities, and riding styles. Check out what Giant has to offer and see what we mean.

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Giant Electric Bikes

What are Electric Bikes? How do they work? Who should ride them? We know there are a lot of questions about this quickly growing category of bikes, and we want to make sure you have the right information. The Electric Bikes we sell use battery powered pedal-assist motors, which only engage as you pedal. Designed to feel just like a regular bike, these E-Bikes provide you with a boost in pedal power that you can control. As for who rides them, there are many people who can enjoy the benefits of an Electric Bike. Commuters can now ride farther to and from work, allowing them to save on car costs and enjoy a more active day. Road cyclists will love the added speed and milage covered. Mountain bike and adventure enthusiasts will appreciate the ability to ride more difficult terrain and make the day trips even longer. Older riders will love the push that helps them enjoy riding a bike again. Giant makes Electric Bikes for all these riders and more.

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Giant Electric Bikes

Ride+ Electric Bikes

Giant Roam E+ : a versatile hybrid ebike with front suspension

Giant Explore E+ : a higher performance version of the Roam E+

Giant Fastroad E+ : a dedicated speedy electric commuter

Giant Road E+ : a lightweight drop bar road ebike 

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Giant Electric Mountain Bikes

Electric Mountain Bikes

Giant Talon E+ : a hardtail eMTB for exploring off pavement

Giant Trance E+ : a full suspension eMTB for shredding trails

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Giant Mountain Bikes

Giant Mountain Bikes are made to give you every advantage possible over all kinds of off-road terrain so you can focus on making each ride fun and adventurous. With models suited for anyone from beginner to professional, you'll find there is a perfect Giant Mountain Bike for you no matter where your wheels take you. Recreational riders will find durable, easy to handle bikes that inspire confidence and keep you pedaling. Cross Country, Enduro, and Trail riders have plenty of options that will handle anything you can throw at them. Ride a Giant and see how decades of experience and industry leading technology combine to make the best off road machines out there.

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Giant Hardtail Mountain Bikes

Front Suspension Mountain Bikes

Giant Talon: capable hardtail for flowy singletrack

Giant Fathom: aggressive hardtail for tough terrain

Giant XTC: hardtail XC race bike

Giant Yukon: adventurous fat bike

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Giant Full Suspension Mountain Bikes

Full Suspension Mountain Bikes

Giant Anthem: full suspension XC racing

Giant Stance: short travel trail bike

Giant Trance: mid travel do-it-all trail

Giant Reign: long travel enduro bike

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Giant 29er Mountain Bikes

29 inch / 29er Mountain Bikes

Giant Talon (sizes M- XL), XTC, Anthem, Stance, Trance, Reign

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Giant 27.5 Mountain Bikes

650B Mountain Bikes

Giant Talon (sizes XS - M), Fathom, Yukon

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Giant Road Bikes

If you've ever taken a look at some of the biggest Road Bike races in the sport, you've probably noticed Giant bikes ridden by some of the best cyclists in the world. Now, all the research and testing that has led Giant to develop the best road bikes in the industry trickles down to consumers at all levels. Now everyone can enjoy lightweight, responsive, capable models that will transform every ride. Whether you are just starting out or training for your next big event, Giant has a road bike that will help you achieve your goals.

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Giant Performance Road Bikes

Sport Performance Road Bikes

Giant Contend AR 2: versatile all-arounder

Giant TCR Advanced Disc: well rounded road race bike

Giant Propel: aero-first road race bike

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Giant Triathlon/Time Trial Bikes

Triathlon/Time Trial Bikes

Giant Advanced Pro: built to reach the podium

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Giant Gravel Bikes

Endurance/Gravel Bikes

Giant Revolt: built to explore and ride adventurously

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Giant Cyclocross Bikes

Endurance + Cyclocross Bikes

Giant TCX: built to excel between the tape

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Giant Fitness, Hybrid, Commuter, and Urban Bikes

Giant knows that plenty of people want to ride just to get outdoors, stay active, or to get around town. That's why they offer a great line of comfortable hybrid, fitness, and commuter bikes that are built to last and keep you having fun on two wheels. Whatever your goals and budget are, Giant has something for everyone.

Giant Fitness Bikes

Fitness Bikes

Giant Fastroad: light and quick flat bar road bike

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Giant Hybrid Bikes

Hybrid Bikes

Giant Cypress: great for paved and gravel paths

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Giant Commuter Bikes

Commuter/Urban Bikes

Giant Escape: an ideal commuter

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Giant Kids' Bikes

Giant is a company full of cyclists, all of whom are working to provide the best bikes for all riders. This is especially true for kids' bikes. The men and women at Giant know that a sturdy, safe bike can inspire a lifetime's worth of fun, so they make every effort to build bikes that kids love and parents can feel confident in. Get your child a Giant bike and watch them go and grow.

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Giant 24 Inch Kids' Bikes

24 Inch Kid's Bikes

Great for 7-12 year olds

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Giant 20 inch Kids' Bikes

20 inch Kid's Bikes

Great for 5-8 year olds

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Giant 16 inch Kids' Bikes

16 inch Kid's Bikes

Great for 3-6 year olds

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Giant 12 inch Kids' Bikes

12 inch Kid's Bikes

Great for 2-4 year olds

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Giant Kids' Balance Bikes

Kid's Balance Bikes

Great for 1-4 year olds

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