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Giant P-RX2 Tire
$10.00 $44.99 78% Savings
The versatile tread of Giant's P-RX2 tire can be used for anything from cross racing to all-day adventures. Its supported shoulder knobs provide precise cornering while the direction tread design improves traction on loose or rough surfaces. This tire features a Defect 2 Kevlar belt under the tread for puncture protection and a built-in wear indicator.
Giant Phase 2 Nylon Sole SPD/SPD-SL Road Shoe
$111.99 $159.99 30% Savings
- Force drive clipless composite outsole, made with a stiffer composite, efficiently transfers power to the pedals - Quickfit upper conforms to your instep and a proprietary fast buckle system offers three times faster fit versus traditional buckle systems - Airstreaming 4-vent cooling system - Egrocomfort footbed with transtexturaplus anti-odor tech - Compatible with spd and spd-sl cleat configurations
Giant Transmit Off-Road Shoe
$111.99 $159.99 30% Savings
- ForceDrive Nylon midsole + Rubber outsole - Clipless with TrackBone™ Tread - Enhanced, stretch resistance synthetic leather upper - 3X buckle and 2 Velcro straps - EgroComfort footbed with TransTexturaPlus anti-odor Tech
Giant Pre
$149.99 $179.99 17% Savings
Ease the transition to a two-wheeler with Giant's Pre. The Pre provides an aluminum frame with an extremely low standover height so your little one can use their feet to propel themselves across the ground and learn to balance. There's also a comfy, quick-adjust seat so they can sit down and coast, just like a bigger bike!
Giant Pre Girls
$149.99 $179.99 17% Savings
Teach your kids to ride the easy way with Giant's Pre. It has a light, easy-to-handle aluminum frame and wheels with flat-proof tires. The frame has an extremely low stand-over height so your little ones can use their feet to propel the Pre and quickly learn to balance and steer. There's also a comfy adjustable seat so they can sit and coast.
Giant XTC SL Jr 24
$594.99 $699.99 15% Savings
Inspired by the popular adult XTC, this mini hardtail delivers off-road performance with a fit made for young riders. Off-road performance isn’t just for adults. This youth-specific trail bike is designed to help kids progress and learn to love off-road riding. With its lightweight ALUXX alloy frame, fast-rolling 24-inch wheels, front suspension and disc brakes, it helps make the trail riding experience more fun than ever.
Giant TRX 1 27.5 Boost Carbon Trail Wheelset
$729.99 $1,198.99 39% Savings
Experience precise handling, pinpoint control and zippy acceleration with Giant TRX 1 27.5 Boost - a super lightweight carbon trail wheelsystem featuring the very latest wheel technologies for a superior ride. Full carbon construction helps achieve the TRX 1's impressive low weight as well as contributing to stiffness and a nimble ride feel with fast acceleration. Meanwhile Boost technology (a wider hub standard) means a stronger spoke bracing angle for a host of rider benefits including enhanced stiffness for precise handling. Bikes designed to accomodate Boost wheels have wider and stiffer suspension suspension pivots, shorter chainstays and improved frame clearance. Dynamic Balanced Lacing (Giant's wheel technology that means wheels are tensioned to reach balanced tension under acceleration and braking forces) delivers enhanced braking performance and efficient pedalling power transfer. Wider 27mm inner rims allow you to run wider tires and TRX 1's are tubeless compatible so you can gain all the benefits of running tubeless tyres with lower pressures for improved traction, reduced rolling resistance and reduced risk of flats. OPTIMIZED ANCHOR POINT Hub flanges are engineered and placed for optimal spoke bracing angles. This helps boost lateral wheel stiffness. PRECISION HUB INTERNALS Proprietary shell and precision-engineered hub internals offer dependable performance in demanding off-road conditions. All hub parts are readily available and serviceable by your local retailer. TUBELESS COMPATIBLE Tubeless Compatible rims allow for lower air pressure so the tire can conform better to the trail. This improves traction, lowers rolling resistance and reduces the risk of pinch flats. HIGH-QUALITY MANUFACTURING Giant rims are produced in-house using our industry-leading manufacturing expertise with carbon and high-strength alloys. This allows us to achieve better strength, stiffness and durability at lower overall weights. DYNAMIC BALANCED LACING More leverage on the “pulling” spokes and less on the “pushing” spokes creates slightly different spoke tension levels when the wheel is static. As pedaling force is applied, the tension balances, improving stiffness and efficiency. BOOST AXLE SPACING Wider hub diameters (110mm front and 148mm rear) produce stiffer hubs and improved overall trail handling with the latest Boost compatible framesets. Wider spacing also improves the chainline for optimal drivetrain performance. TRAIL-SPECIFIC RIM Wider 33mm rims offer improved traction and control by optimizing tire profile and performance for off-road terrain.
Giant Contend 1
$849.99 $1,049.99 19% Savings
A smoother ride equals a better experience on the road. Feel the difference with the confident new Contend. Designed and developed for aspiring riders looking to elevate their experience on the road, the all-new Contend is the result of a dedicated approach to road performance. Born in Giant’s own in-house aluminum forging facility, and engineered with ALUXX aluminum technology, it features geometry that’s specifically aimed at confident performance in variable terrain and road conditions. It’s the perfect blend of speed, comfort and control.
Giant Contend SL 2 Disc
$1,149.99 $1,449.99 21% Savings
Light and lively road performance with an added boost of compliance and control. Smooth, fast and fun to ride. The perfect foray into competitive road performance, the all-new Contend SL offers a smooth riding experience to aspiring road riders. Built on Giant’s industry-leading ALUXX SL aluminum technology, this all-rounder blends speedy acceleration with overall comfort and control. Seamless disc-brake integration means confident braking in variable road and weather conditions. The innovative D-Fuse composite seatpost dampens road vibration for a better ride quality. And the proven combination of an OverDrive tapered steerer tube and PowerCore bottom bracket ensures precise handling and maximum pedaling efficiency.
Giant P-TRX0 27.5 Carbon Wheelset
$1,399.99 $2,099.99 33% Savings
Whether you're staring down an enduro race day or in the midst of an epic ride with your buddies, Giant's P-TRX0 carbon trail wheels are here to crush it all. 27mm-wide carbon rims are light, tough, and give your tires a wide, ground-hugging stance. They're tubeless compatible, so you can charge hard with enhanced traction and increased flat resistance. Aluminum hub shells are equipped with renowned DT Swiss internals for smooth spinning and ultra fast engagement. DT Swiss Aerolite bladed spokes and ProLock nipples tie them together. This wheel is SRAM XX1 compatible with an optional XD driver (sold separately).
Giant Defy Advanced 2
$1,849.99 $2,399.99 23% Savings
From gran fondos to epic solo rides, stay strong from start to finish. Smooth, fast, engineered for endurance. Handcrafted with lightweight Advanced-grade composite and endurance geometry to minimize fatigue on long rides, this smooth-riding road bike combines speed, confidence and control. Disc-brake technology with 12mm front and rear thru-axles gives you total control in all types of weather. The rear triangle features ultra-thin, flattened seatstays to reduce road vibrations, and the D-Fuse seatpost helps smooth out the road. So even on your longest, hardest days, you can stay strong from start to finish.
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