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Cycling Clothing Buyer’s Guide

Great gear for great rides

Whether you’re a serious rider or someone who just loves to get out on two wheels, wearing the right cycling clothing can make all the difference between. Toronto riders know that the seasons change drastically and having the right gear is crucial to being comfortable and enjoying rides all year round.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the most important cycling gear you can have so you can find the perfect cycling clothes and accessories. Read on to explore all the great gear!

Cycling jersey

Cycling Jerseys + Shirts

A well-fitting cycling jersey will help you look and feel your best on the bike. The sleeves and torso are specifically made longer to not ride up as you stretch over the bars. The breathable, moisture-wicking fabrics will keep you cool and fresh throughout your ride, so if you’re still riding in a regular shirt it’s time to upgrade!

Cycling shorts and bibs

Cycling Shorts, Pants, and Bibs

Don’t let a long day in the saddle ruin you for the rest of the week. We sell top quality bike shorts, pants, and bibs with soft ergonomic padding that will keep you smiling during your ride. These high performance fabrics wick sweat and moisture and provide great breathability for maximum comfort and ride enjoyment.

shop cycling jackets and rain gear

Cycling Jackets and Pants For Rain and Wind

With the right gear you can enjoy any ride, no matter how wet, windy, or cold. When your cycling kit works as hard as you do, you can keep your body happy and comfortable and continue to ride all year long.

Is the wind blowing? Grab a windshell jacket to keep the cold out. Rainy Toronto weather threatening to spoil your ride or commute? No problem, we sell lots of waterproof cycling jackets and pants. There’s no bad weather, only bad clothing. You’re always happier after a ride, so make sure you have what you need to ride in any situation or season.

shop bike helmets

Bike Helmets

While you might not call it clothing, your bike helmet is without a doubt the most important cycling gear you’ll put on before a ride. Whether you’re shopping for your first helmet or you’re ready to retire your old model, we’ve got great options to choose from at every price point from entry level to elite.

shop cycling shoes

Shop Cycling Shoes

Ready to make a purchase that will instantly improve your cycling experience? Cycling shoes are the perfect way to improve your performance and get more enjoyment out of your rides. We sell lots of shoes for both clipless pedals and flats that will help you ride faster, more comfortably, and more efficiently.

If you’ve ever wondered about whether you should try clipping in, know that most riders who make the switch will never go back to flats for serious road and mountain riding.

shop cycling socks

Cycling Socks

Besides being a fun accessory, a good pair of cycling socks will help keep your feet at a good temperature. Grab an insulated pair for winter rides and a few breathable, odor-resistant socks for warmer weather so you stay comfortable and prevent sweat.

shop cycling gloves

Bike Gloves

Bike gloves can make the difference between a good ride and a miserable one. Nothing ruins a ride like numb fingers or aching hands, so pick up a pair of gloves that will keep you comfortable and in control.

shop protective gear

Mountain Bike Protective Gear

Ripping it up on the trails can be risky business, so if you love to send it on your mountain bike you should check out our knee pads and elbow pads for sale. We sell plenty of models that’ll help you ride with tons of confidence and won’t get in your way on the climb back to the top.

shop cycling clothing accessories

Headwear + Arm and Leg Warmers

Sometimes you need a little extra warmth on chilly or windy rides, but not too much. Headbands, arm warmers, and leg warmers are the perfect way to find that “just right” balance of warmth and breathability. These cycling accessories are great to have around for those shoulder season rides or early mornings. Plus, they make great sun protection too.

shop cycling eyewear

Cycling Eyewear

Don't let the sun, rain, or wind stop you from riding you best. Whether you ride road or mountain we've got some great sunglasses and goggle for you to check out.