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Sweet Pete's Derailleur Adjustment
Do the gears* on your bike not shift properly? Maybe your bike is just slow at switching gears? Sounds like you might need a derailleur adjustment! One of our service techs will inspect the derailleur (front or rear) as well as the derailleur cable and housing and make any necessary adjustments to the derailleur. The price for the derailleur adjust** includes the labour to replace the cable and housing if needed. * Does your bike have a front and rear derailluer? If so and both aren't working properly, then you may need two derailleur adjustments. A front & rear derailleur adjustment costs $30. ** The cost of the derailleur cable and housing is not included in the derailleur adjust price.
Sweet Pete's Front or Rear Rack Install
One of our experienced service techs will install a compatible* front or rear rack onto your trusty bike. * Your bicycle must have all the neccessary rack mounting eyelets. ** For an additional labour fee our service department can also install certain racks to bicycle frames without standard rack mounting eyelets. Please contact one of our service departments for further details. Need a new front or rear rack? Check out our selection by clicking on the link below

Front and Rear Racks

Sweet Pete's Install/Remove Cassette or Freewheel
One of our service techs will install or remove your cassette or freewheel. They will inspect and grease all the parts required when installing those items.
Park Tool School Flat Fix Course
The one thing that every cyclist should know! Thursday December 13 th, 7pm to 8pm We'll start with a brief overview of how the bicycle tire works, and the various causes of flats. We will also go over certain bicycle components relevant to flat fixes such as brakes and derailleurs. There will be a demo followed by a hands on lesson where participants are encouraged to bring in their own bike and go through the motions of fixing a flat. This class is taught at our Sweet Pete's Annex location at 517 Bloor St West. Have any questions about the course? Contact us at
Sweet Pete's Brake Adjust
One of our service techs will inspect then adjust the brake (front or rear) on your bicycle. If when adjusting your brake they discover you need a new brake cable* and or housing*, the labour to replace the cable and housing is included in the adjust price. If the brake pads need replacing, the labour to replace the pads is included in the brake adjust fee. *The brake adjust fee does not include the cost of replacement parts like a new brake cable, brake housing or brake pads. ** If you want both your front and rear brakes adjusted, the labour fee is $40
Sweet Pete's Wheel True (with no broken spokes)
Does your bikes' wheel have a wobble? Does your brake pad occasionally rub the rim when cruising down the street? If so, you most likely need a wheel true. One of our service techs will inspect* and then adjust the tension on one or more spokes to eliminate that wobble. * A wheel true that requires a spoke or multiple spokes to be replaced, costs $40 in labour per wheel. That fee does not include the cost of the spokes.
Sweet Pete's Flat Tire Repair
One of our service techs will remove the punctured innertube and replace it with a new tube* and then re-install the tire, and pump it up to the recommended air pressure. Before they install the new tube they will inspect your current tire for wear as well as help you determine the cause of your flat. * Bontrager premium quality, standard weight inner tubes
Sweet Pete's Fenders Install
One of our experienced service techs will install compatible* fender sets onto your trusty bike. * For most of our full fender sets, our bicycle must have all the neccessary fender mounting eyelets. If your bicycle doesn't have proper fender mounts, no worries, we offer other options. Contact us about alternate fender options. Need new fenders? Check out our large selection of front, rear and fender sets by clicking on the link below:


Sweet Pete's Tape Drop Bars
Nothing refreshes your ride like new bar tape. One of our experienced service technicians will remove your old bar tape and wrap fresh bar tape onto your drop bars. This price does not include the cost of the bar tape. Need new bar tape? Check out our selection by clicking on the link below:

Sweet Pete's Annex Winter Bike Storage
$80.00 - $140.00
Our Annex location at 517 Bloor Street West is offering winter storage this year. Starting immediately, we have a secure location for your bike to stay warm, dry and rust-free over the winter. Storing your bike over the colder months has many benefits, saving wear on your drivetrain and pads, keeping your grips and seat in good clean condition and preventing additional wear to tires. Our indoor storage is a temperature controlled on-site above ground location to keep your bike free from moisture, cold and corrosion. Our Basic Storage Plan ($80) includes storage up to March 31st. We’ll also make sure your chain is lubricated and your tires are properly inflated before you pick up your bike. If you want to step it up a notch and have your bike 100% ready for spring when you pick it up, our Deluxe Winter Storage Plan ($140) includes storage up to March 31st and our full tune-up. Please call or email us to reserve, or purchase online here. Please call us at (416) 533-4225 or E-mail Us, or purchase a spot online here. • Late fees of $10/day will be charged after March 31st. • Storage fee is paid upon drop off • There are no in/out privileges for bikes • There will be no refunds if bikes are picked up early
Sweet Pete's Tune-Up
Performed by one of our certified and experienced bicycle mechanics, the Sweet Pete's Tune-Up includes, • Tune-Up for single-speed bicycles is $70 • Gear adjustment, front and rear • Brake adjustment, front and rear • Check all bearings (BB, headset & hubs) • Minor wheel truing • Inflate tires to proper pressure • Frame and wheel wipe down • Chain, pulley and pivot lubrication • Tightening of loose nuts and bolts * Please contact our service department at any one of our retail locations to book your tune-up appointment. *
Minii Adventures Sweet Pete's MTB Skills Clinic
Want to dial in your cornering? Ride with more speed, flow and smoothness? Maybe even sometimes get a little air time? Then these clinics are for you. Build your mountain biking foundation, ride safer and with confidence, progress your skills, and have more fun on the trails with our MTB skills clinic run by professional MTB instructor Charlotte Batty. Charlotte Batty has over 18 years of mountain bike experience. A certified Professional Mountain Bike Instructor, as well as the successful business owner of MNIII ADVENTURES. Teaching full time and recognized throughout North America for her instruction, Charlotte’s teaching methods incorporate a relaxed and dynamic approach while encouraging you to smile, curse and make all your own sound effects as you shred down the trail. Thursday, June 6th. 6pm-8pm Starting at Sweet Pete's Trail Head and riding in the Don Valley Trails. CERTIFICATIONS Professional Mountain Bike Instructors Association - Level 2 Air Professional Mountain Bike Instructors Association - Level 1 NCCP Mountain Bike Skills & Tactics NCCP Let’s Ride Community Initiation with Basic Cycling Skills Red Cross First Responder - 40 hours
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