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Sweet Pete's Derailleur Adjustment

Sweet Pete's Derailleur Adjustment
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We're sorry but we only sell this item in our retail stores. Contact us at our Bloordale store (416) 533-4481 or at our Annex store (416) 533-4225 or email us at for further information.


Do the gears* on your bike not shift properly? Maybe your bike is just slow at switching gears? Sounds like you might need a derailleur adjustment! One of our service techs will inspect the derailleur (front or rear) as well as the derailleur cable and housing and make any necessary adjustments to the derailleur. The price for the derailleur adjust** includes the labour to replace the cable and housing if needed.

* Does your bike have a front and rear derailluer? If so and both aren't working properly, then you may need two derailleur adjustments.
** The cost of the derailleur cable and housing is not included in the derailleur adjust price.