At Brooklyn, we design bikes that fit into your life, not bikes that you need to fit your life around. That’s our bottom line.

For us, riding means commuting, socializing, getting things done and, sometimes, just being seen. And we don’t feel it’s unreasonable to call for comfort, quality and a value greater than the sum on a pricetag when talking about a full-on lifestyle accessory.

Every one of our bikes adapts to your personal style, answers to everyone’s want for comfort, and speaks to the universal truth that anything can be elevated by design. None of it is by accident.

As a brand, we roll peerless by not seeing ourselves as “just a bike company,” but rather as Solutionists set on improving the urban lifestyle experience and reconnecting fellow city dwellers to the streets that map their days.

Retul bike fit sweet pete's toronto

Retul dynamic bicycle fitting is now available at Sweet Pete's. We've renovated our 1204 Bloor St store and added a state of the art fit studio that includes the Retul Motion Capture System. Anyone who rides a bike at any level, whether it is road, mountain, cross or triathlon, can all  enjoy the same benefits of a fit.  While it is common to have a fit done after experiencing pain and discomfort from riding, having a full fit can also prevent it by putting the rider in the best position from the start.

Click here to learn more about the Retül Fit at Sweet Pete's including what's included and pricing.

Spring bike tune-up toronto

Toronto's bike season will soon be here and the whole city is quickly realizing a bicycle is the best way to get around. Sweet Pete’s would just like to remind you that before you hit the open road and feel the wind in your hair, you will need to oil your chain, put air in your tires, possibly need gear or brake adjustments, or maybe a wheel true. Our mechanical experts can tune-up and repair just about any Bicycle and getting it running like new.

With so many people itching to ride their bike, Sweet Pete’s service department is already in full swing. If you need to bring your bike in for service call ahead and book a time to drop-off your bike off and have it tuned-up. You can get your bike tuned at either of our 2 locations. Just remember to call ahead, 416 533 4481 for our original 1204 Bloor St location or 416 533 4225 for our newer Annex location at 517 Bloor St.

 Giant Bicycle Expressway folding bike toronto

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