Spring bike tune-up toronto

Toronto's bike season will soon be here and the whole city is quickly realizing a bicycle is the best way to get around. Sweet Pete’s would just like to remind you that before you hit the open road and feel the wind in your hair, you will need to oil your chain, put air in your tires, possibly need gear or brake adjustments, or maybe a wheel true. Our mechanical experts can tune-up and repair just about any Bicycle and getting it running like new.

With so many people itching to ride their bike, Sweet Pete’s service department is already in full swing. If you need to bring your bike in for service call ahead and book a time to drop-off your bike off and have it tuned-up. You can get your bike tuned at either of our 2 locations. Just remember to call ahead, 416 533 4481 for our original 1204 Bloor St location or 416 533 4225 for our newer Annex location at 517 Bloor St.

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