Sweet Pete's Sunday Fat Bike Adventures

Sweet Pete's Sunday Fat Bike Adventures
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Take on Mother Nature and float on the frozen landscape as you explore the many interesting destinations in the valley and beyond. Join us as we get outside to enjoy the great outdoors without leaving the city. Our guides know the Don Valley inside and out. Every trial, every interesting site, destination and beyond. The rides are designed to be interesting for experienced riders and accessible to new riders. With a huge variety of trails to choose from, our rides can be tailored to each group. The adventures start on Sunday November 18th. Space is limited so sign up for a spot ASAP!

RIDE #1: 10:00am to 12:00pm (please arrive 15 minutes early)
RIDE #2: 1:00pm to 3:00pm (please arrive 15 minutes early)

Rides will depart from Evergreen Brick Works at 550 Bayview Ave, Toronto. Look for Bike Works right next to our Sweet Pete's Trail Head store. This will be our meeting spot this winter.

includes a 2 hour guided ride and a fat bike rental. Price includes a helmet and handlebar pogies rental. Have your own fat bike and want to join in on the fun, $15.00 is all that it will cost you. Sign up here!

The Bike:
The fun and agile Trek Farley 5 is our rental bike for this season. Our rental fat bikes will come with fenders and handlebar pogies to help keep you dry and warm.

When booking your fat bike adventure, at time of check out, please select "Bloordale" as the pick-up location. Please note this is just a formality as you will not need to pick up anything. Your booking with already be registered when you arrive at our Trail Head location on the day of your fat bike adventure.

Helmets are mandatory on all rides and are included with each rental.
No sure what to wear while fat biking? Click here to learn more
Have any other questions about our guided fat bike rides? Contact Ian at ian@sweetpetes.com

Part Numbers

Option MPN Store SKU
Sunday November 18th - 10:00AM START FBANOV182018AM FAT42271230M
Sunday November 18th - 1:00PM START FBANOV182018PM FAT41116276M
Sunday November 25th - 10:00AM START FBANOV252018AM FAT42153220M
Sunday November 25th - 1:00PM START FBANOV252018PM FAT41736838M
Sunday December 2nd - 10:00AM START FBADEC22018AM FAT41114665M
Sunday December 2nd - 1:00PM START FBADEC22018PM FAT40793693M
Sunday December 09th - 10:00AM START FBADEC92018AM FAT41590924M
Sunday December 09th - 1:00PM START FBADEC92018PM FAT40986637M
Sunday December 16th - 10:00AM START FBADEC162018AM FAT42235284M
Sunday December 16th - 1:00PM START FBADEC162018PM FAT41273076M
Sunday December 23rd - 10:00AM START FBADEC232018AM FAT42292059M
Sunday December 23rd - 1:00PM START FBADEC232018PM FAT41382136M
Sunday January 6th - 10:00AM START FBAJAN62019AM FAT40109547M
Sunday January 6th - 1:00PM START FBAJAN62019PM FAT39193808M
Sunday January 13th - 10:00AM START FBAJAN132019AM FAT41646038M
Sunday January 13th - 1:00PM START FBAJAN132019PM FAT40816970M
Sunday January 20th - 10:00AM START FBAJAN202019AM FAT41855845M
Sunday January 20th - 1:00PM START FBAJAN202019PM FAT40540311M
Sunday January 27th - 10:00AM START FBAJAN272019AM FAT41248842M
Sunday January 27th - 1:00PM START FBAJAN272019PM FAT40770941M
Sunday February 3rd - 10:00AM START FBAFEB32019AM FAT41663579M
Sunday February 3rd - 1:00PM START FBAFEB32019PM FAT40575205M
Sunday February 10th - 10:00AM START FBAFEB102019AM FAT42953425M
Sunday February 10th - 1:00PM START FBAFEB102019PM FAT41819969M
Sunday February 17th - 10:00AM START FBAFEB172019AM FAT42830973M
Sunday February 17th - 1:00PM START FBAFEB172019PM FAT41826943M
Sunday February 24th - 10:00AM START FBAFEB242019AM FAT42900841M
Sunday February 24th - 1:00PM START FBAFEB242019PM FAT41419678M
Sunday March 3rd - 10:00AM START FBAMAR32019AM FAT38711241M
Sunday March 3rd - 1:00PM START FBAMAR32019PM FAT37572104M
Sunday March 10th - 10:00AM START FBAMAR102019AM FAT39578997M
Sunday March 10th - 1:00PM START FBAMAR102019PM FAT3876181M
Sunday March 17th - 10:00AM START FBAMAR172019AM FAT39307744M
Sunday March 17th - 1:00PM START FBAMAR172019PM FAT38700709M