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OneUp Components Composite Pedal Bearing Rebuild Kit

OneUp Components Composite Pedal Bearing Rebuild Kit
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Everything you need to fully rebuild OneUp Composite pedals.


1. remove outer and inner end caps with 6mm hex key.

2. remove axle nut using 9mm socket. Drive side pedal (RH pedal) has left hand (reverse) threaded nut. Non Drive side pedal (LH pedal) has regular right hand threaded nut.

3. pull axle out of pedal body

4. push inner bearing out with 6mm hex

5. to replace bushing use a flat head screw driver to pry against the inner surface of the bushing to pull it out. You will destroy the bushing by removing it.

6. remove axle seal (take note of direction)


1. grease new bushing and axle. Place bushing on axle and push it into pedal body.

2. replace pedal seal (thicker portion near flange of axle)

3. grease and place new bearing back into pedal body

4. slide axle through pedal body and bearing

5. replace axle nut

6. replace both end caps

Part Numbers

0025262821941 SP1c0019 ONE36681904T