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OneUp Components Carbon Handlebar
ONEUP CARBON BARS. Strong, lightweight & vertically compliant! The goal for the new OneUp Carbon Handlebars was to make the best feeling bar possible, something which would let you ride harder for longer. The solution is OneUp's patent pending oval shape which combines the best ride characteristics of 31.8mm and 35mm bar standards into one package. This is the most comfortable bar we’ve ever ridden, period. It's strong, lightweight, minimizes arm pump and vibration and maximize steering response. 35 done right. Almost every other carbon bar on the market copies the simple tapered profile of an Aluminum bar. With carbon you can take advantage of more complex shapes to get a better performing product, so that's what we did. If you actually care about bar compliance, then you don't make a regular 35mm diameter bar. Sure you can try to "optimize" the flex slightly with layup, but geometry is king and you're fighting a losing battle. The OneUp bar profile minimizes the length of the 35 diameter clamping area as this is the stiffest portion of any 35 diameter bar. The 35mm clamp diameter quickly changes to a flattened, oval shape in the transition zone and then to a standard 22.2mm clamp diameter for the control zone. OneUp bench marked the OneUp bar against the most popular carbon bars on the market as well as foam filled aluminum bars. The results were, on average, a 21% increase in vertical compliance (comfort) coupled with a 28% increase in steering stiffness (responsiveness). These are more than just marginal gains. Until now the 35mm diameter standard has had a bad reputation and rightly so. This is 35 Dia. done right.
OneUp Components Aluminum Pedal Bearing Rebuild Kit
Everything you need to fully rebuild OneUp aluminum pedals. This V2 kit is compatible with all OneUp Aluminum pedals. The brass bushings take the place of the 3 small cartridge bearings and aluminum washer that were on their original pedal assembly.
OneUp Components Bash Guide - ISCG05 - V2
$29.99 - $104.99
Eliminate dropped chains forever and protect your expensive 1x chainring with the new OneUp Components Bash Guide. As the trend for lower and slacker bikes continues, chainring protection is becoming even more important. Revised for 2019 the OneUp Bash Guide uses simple, one tool installation and adjustment as well as an all new tool less flip The OneUp Bash Guide was developed with input from top EWS World racers and can be seen all over the EWS circuit. Reinforced Nylon bash guards and a back plate cut from 8mm thick 7075-T6 aluminum, ensure that the OneUp Bash Guide can handle the biggest hits, but at a weight of only 105g (34T) you might forget it’s even there. NOT JUST FOR ENDURO RACERS. The OneUp Bash Guide is equally at home on your trail bike, where the extra bash protection is a must for aggressive riders or on your DH rig. With the popularity of clutch derailleurs, it is no longer necessary to run a chain guide with a lower roller to effectively tension your chain. DH racers and Bike Park rippers will appreciate the huge reduction in drag with the elimination of the lower roller, without sacrificing any strength or chain retention. The OneUp Bash Guide includes 3 different sizes of bash plate for compatibility with chainrings from 28-36T. Replacement bash plates (set of 3) sold separately. Coloured top guides sold separately
OneUp Components Chain Guide ISCG05 V2
Eliminate dropped chains forever with the new OneUp Components Guide. As the trend for lower and slacker bikes continues, 'Little bikes' are getting more and more capable everyday. Revised for 2019 the OneUp Guide uses simple, one tool installation and adjustment as well as an all new tool less flip At only 40g the OneUp Chain Guide weighs less than a sip of water. WHY DO I NEED A GUIDE AND A NARROW WIDE CHAINRING? NW rings are awesome, but they're not perfect and every once in a while you can drop a chain while riding. On a social ride this means getting dropped by your friends. But when racing an Enduro a dropped chain can cost you the podium, which is why almost every EWS pro runs both a chainguide and narrow wide chainring. Coloured top guides sold separately.
OneUp Components Decal Kit
Customize the decal colour of your OneUp Carbon Handlebar with this die cut vinyl decal kit. Includes extra decals for your bike, helmet, water bottle, or truck. Choose from 11 colours. Red Orange Green Blue Purple White Gloss Black (looks awesome on the carbon bar) Turquoise Gold Polished Chrome/Silver Matte Bronze
OneUp Components ChainGuide Top Kit - V2
Add some colour to your bike with these easy to install colourful top guides for the OneUp Bash Guide - ISCG05 - V2 or the Chain Guide - ISCG05 - V2 Kit includes 1 two piece top guide.
OneUp Components EDC Lite
Never get stuck without a Multi-Tool on a ride ever again! The included 9 function Multi Tool contains your most used tools and is designed to live inside your stem/steerer tube. ENSURING YOUR FORK IS COMPATIBLE IS VERY IMPORTANT. See details to the right.
OneUp Components EDC Multitool
Use as a mini tool on it's own or for replacing lost EDC multitools> • 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8mm Hex • T25 Torx • Quick Link Breaker (10 & 11SP) • Flat Head Screwdriver • 0,1,2,3 Spoke Keys • Presta Valve Core Tool • EDC Top Cap Tool • Innovative 8mm hex design • The EDC Tool contains no loose easy to loose driver bits • Includes the worlds first compact quick link breaker • Weight: 58g
OneUp Components EDC Tool V2
All the trailside tools you need, always on your bike and instantly accessible! V2 - NEW FOR 2020 • Easier to remove from your bike, with a lower friction design. • Updated Chain Breaker is easier to use and has a steel body for increased durability • Stronger steel Spoke Keys • Black Multi-Tool • Tubeless plug jabber cover (Small storage capsule) The EDC (Everyday Carry) tool contains all your essential trailside tools and can be conveniently stored inside your steerer tube/stem or the EDC Pump for quick and easy access. Add the optional Tubeless Plug Kit to your EDC tool to fix punctures fast. Whether you're going out for a quick lunch ride or setting off on a longer adventure, EDC has all the tools that you need to keep your bike running smoothly and fix any trailside mechanical. A small backpack weighs 1.5lbs (680g) completely empty. The EDC Pump and Tool weigh less than 0.5lbs (227g) all in. *You need to purchase the EDC TOPCAP if you plan to store the EDC Tool in your steerer tube!*
**The EDC TOP CAP requires you to thread your steerer tube. Sweet Pete's Service Department has the EDC tap reguired to complete this job and can properly thread your compatible steerer tube for a minimal shop fee.** CHECK YOUR FORK COMPATIBILITY HERE
OneUp Components EDC Threadless Carrier
The EDC Threadless Carrier is a no tap install option that lets you store the EDC V2 Tool inside your stem/steerer tube without having to thread your steerer tube. EDC TOOL SOLD SEPARATELY! The Threadless Carrier replaces your star nut and lets you preload your headset with a bolt, while also creating a space for the EDC Tool. Easy to install in less than 10 minutes. Available in 8 colours ranging from Black, Red, Green, Blue, Orange, Purple, Gold to Oil Slick. Compatible with EDC V2 Tool (You must use the small EDC V2 Storage Capsule with the Threadless Carrier.) The EDC Threadless Carrier is NOT compatible with V1 EDC Tools (Green Multi-Tool)
OneUp Components Composite Pedal Bearing Rebuild Kit
Everything you need to fully rebuild OneUp Composite pedals. MAINTENANCE INSTRUCTIONS 1. remove outer and inner end caps with 6mm hex key. 2. remove axle nut using 9mm socket. Drive side pedal (RH pedal) has left hand (reverse) threaded nut. Non Drive side pedal (LH pedal) has regular right hand threaded nut. 3. pull axle out of pedal body 4. push inner bearing out with 6mm hex 5. to replace bushing use a flat head screw driver to pry against the inner surface of the bushing to pull it out. You will destroy the bushing by removing it. 6. remove axle seal (take note of direction) REPLACEMENT INSTALL 1. grease new bushing and axle. Place bushing on axle and push it into pedal body. 2. replace pedal seal (thicker portion near flange of axle) 3. grease and place new bearing back into pedal body 4. slide axle through pedal body and bearing 5. replace axle nut 6. replace both end caps
OneUp Components Dropper Remote
$29.99 - $65.00
A BETTER REMOTE FOR ANY CABLE OPERATED DROPPER An Aluminum remote with an oversized bearing and a super smooth action. The unique lever position allows you to keep a stronger grip on the bars while actuating your post. Don't think twice about dropping your post, even when charging into technical sections. The OneUp lever mimics your R/H shifter’s inboard upshift paddle position instead of the usual downshift paddle position of most remotes. This position requires considerably less thumb movement to reach the lever. NO BLEEDING The cable setup is quick and easy. The cable clamps at the lever making shortening the housing length for clean routing a breeze. Unlike a hydraulically actuated dropper, there is no temperature sensitivity and If your remote gets damaged you can still lower or extend your post by removing it from your frame and pushing on the actuator by hand. Any shift cable and 4mm shift housing will work. Compatible with all cable actuated dropper posts. Remote and various bar clamps/mounts sold separately!
OneUp Components EDC Top Cap
The EDC Cap Kit includes the worlds lightest headset top cap (4.2g), and an EDC steerer plug with drain hole which keeps crud out of your steerer. Top caps are compatible with all 1-1/8" aluminum steerer tubes. The EDC steerer plug is required for EDC tool storage and is compatible with most aluminum tapered steerer tubes. CHECK FORK COMPATIBILITY
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