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Rock-N-Roll Miracle Red Spray 3-in-1

Rock-N-Roll Miracle Red Spray 3-in-1
32oz/0.954 L
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Due to the popular demand of Miracle Red, it's now sold in a spray bottle. Rock N' Roll is meeting that demand in true carbon cruncher style. Why pay to ship water, when most people have their own water! By shipping you just the spray bottle and the 32oz of cleaner, it keeps the cost down but it also saves natural resources and helps keep the air clean. This is a very simple common sense way to do business.

Miracle Red is a great product that cleans excellently and is all natural and safe to use. With this new spray bottle riders can spray and clean their bikes. Spray and clean hands while working on a bike. Frankly, Miracle Red Spray is great for not only bikes but many household jobs. Miracle Red can be sprayed on splattered bugs on motorcycles to motorhomes. Wet down what is being washed, spray the bugs with Miracle Red Spray and let sit for a quick few minutes and wash and rinse. Watch the dirt and bugs wash away.

For many years people have found Miracle Red to be the best natural cleaner they have ever used.

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32oz/0.954 L 851880001201 RR851880001201 ROC38623887E