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Fatty Stripper Rim Strips (Pair)

Fatty Stripper Rim Strips (Pair)
Fatty Stripper rim strip shown stretched over a fat bike rim before installing the tire and trimming off the excess rim strip.
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Converting your fat bike wheels to tubeless is now super easy, lightweight and very reliable! We've now installed these on several staff and customer fat bikes and have had amazing success for well over a season.

To make this tubeless conversion, you'll need a pair of these lightweight latex FS RimStrips and a pair of tubeless valve stems and some tire sealant. Some wheels will additionally require reinforcing strips and/or foam backer rods.
For fat bike rims with cutouts, the Fatty Stripper RimStrip is used along with the existing reinforcing strip that covers the cutouts.

The Fatty Stripper rim strip/latex band is the simplest tubeless solution because it is a continuous elastic band that completely covers and seals your rim from both air and sealant. Just stretch it over the rim, install the tubeless valve, install the tire, inflate and trim off the excess. It is the lightest solution available and thin enough to work on most rims available today. The best characteristic of the these rim strips is that the super thin latex will bond with the tire's bead due to the pressure and latex sealant acting like a glue. This turns your standard clincher tire into a tubular-like tire that will not burp. You can roll very low pressures on off-camber technical terrain without fear of burping. That said... you can still dent your rim, so some common sense is required.


FS Rim Strip Installation

Learn how to easily install a FS Rim Strip onto most fat bike rims.

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