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Spurcycle Bells

What's the best bicycle bell you can buy?

We know how it goes. You've just finished your dream build, you've got every single component colour-matched and the setup is just perfect. You know you've got to have a bell, but putting a plastic-banded bell that attaches with a glorified zip tie just doesn't look right. On top of the look, the only bell that fits your handlebar sounds cheap, and it just doesn't feel right either. Enter Spurcycle bells.

Spurcycle's Original and Compact Bell have set the bar for quality, tone, and aesthetics in bicycle bells. Precision built in the USA, Spurcycle bells have a powerful, enduring sound that rings up to 3x longer than traditional bells. They are precision built with quality materials, offer replacement parts if required, and have a highly adaptable mounting system that attaches to nearly any handlebar, standard and oversize, aluminum or carbon.

You wouldn't compromise quality on any other part of your bike, so why compromise on the bell? Spurcycle bells are the highest quality, loudest, and best bell you can buy, and you can buy them right here at Sweet Pete's.

Spurcycle Water Bottles
Three dun and playfull ways to stay hydrated brought to us by the same folks that design and build the best bike bell in the business! These 22oz Purist water bottles with MoFlo cap resists stains and won't leave your water tasting like plastic. Choose from 3 fun designs, "Catch Up", "Must Go Hard" and "Relish Your Ride"
Spurcycle Compact Bell
A new bell built to Spurcycle standards using 30% fewer parts and a singletrack focus. Lighter and more compact, it's the perfect bell for your mountain bike or flat-bar commuter. MORE GOOD VIBES Engineered for the same lasting Spurcycle sound. Ring early and roll through with path-clearing resonance. PINT-SIZED PUNCH Half the mount width. New compact form fits easily between handlebar components. NICE & SIMPLE Fixed 22.2mm mount—no drop bars—made of composite nylon. Fewer parts mean lower cost, easy install, and simple crash repairs.
Spurcycle Original Bell
Spurcycle bells create powerful, enduring sound. Give notice well in advance with a loud, convincing tone. Precision built in the USA for a lifetime of way clearing. GOOD VIBRATIONS Engineered for quality sound. Spurcycle bells ring 3x longer than others. BEAUTIFUL FINISHES Available in a pure raw metal finish or black DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) coating. BAR HOPPING Highly adaptable mounting system attaches to nearly any handlebar, standard and oversize, aluminum or carbon.
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