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Spank HEX Rear HG/HGR Hub Replacement Bearing Kit
Bearing Replacement Kit for all HEX Rear Hubs using HG & HGR Freehub Bodies. Includes 1 x #6902, 1 x #6903, 2 x #17287 Not compatible with SPIKE/OOZY/SPOON hubs. Compatible with: - All HEX J-Type, Straightpull, and Gravel, HG & HGR freehub equipped rear wheels
Spank HEX 28 Front Hub 15x100/110 Adapter
Adapts HEX 28 Gravel Front Hubs to 15x100. Compatible with: - HEX Gravel J-Type Front Wheels - Compatible with HEX Straightpull 28H Front Wheels - Also compatible as replacement 15x110 adapters for HEX 28 Straightpull Boost Front Hubs. Not compatible with: - HEX 32 J-type Front Hubs - HEX J-Type 32H Front Wheels - SPIKE/OOZY/SPOON hubs
Spank HEX Rear Hub XD Steel Freehub & Spacer Ring
Replacement Alloy XDR (XD-Road) Freehub Body, for all HEX Rear Hubs. Includes spacer ring to also allow the use of MTB cassettes. Compatible with: - All HEX J-Type, Straightpull, and Gravel rear wheels Not compatible with: - SPIKE/OOZY/SPOON hubs
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