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Searching for a bike saddle but unsure where to look? Browse our selection of bike saddles for sale at Sweet Petes Bike Shop.

$280.00 - $315.00
The saddle is key to peak performance on the bike. That’s were gebioMized Sleak comes into play. Aiming primarily at cyclists who prefer riding on a rather flat saddle, Sleak quickly made some very powerful friends in the peloton. Available in two shapes for different loading types, it allows riders to choose the saddle best suited for their needs. And although Sleak was developed particularly with the male pelvis anatomy in mind, their experience so far shows that it also suits some female riders with narrow pelvic shapes. Because after all, finding the right saddle is an individual matter that experienced bike fitters worldwide are trained for.
WHEN COMFORT GETS AERO The STRIDE was developed using data collected from tens of thousands of saddle pressure mappings, as well as countless hours spent optimizing Pro-Tour and Ironman athletes. They heard you! Athletes asked one question again and again: “Will you also offer a triathlon saddle?” gebioMized Stride is not only their answer to this question, but also to the basic problems of triathletes and time trial riders – especially when it comes to the really long races – and of course training for them. Because the Stride was not only developed to minimize the unpopular “shifting”, i.e. the continuous sliding forward on the saddle and having to push oneself actively back again. Thanks to its special shape it also allows for two different riding positions with the same bike set-up. Especially long-distance triathletes know how valuable this feature can be. And because they know that different athletes perceive pressure differently, the Stride will be available in two densities, N - Neutral or S - Soft.
When it gets a little rough and bumpy on the bike, it’s all about that extra bit of comfort. Where “rough and bumpy” means gravel and “extra bit of comfort” means gebioMized Valid. They developed this saddle for cyclists with a certain thirst for adventure on their gravel bike. Be it on a fast ride in the afternoon or an epic bikepacking trip, Valid has you covered. One key to that is a special superpower: those shiny new damping elements they implemented into the shell. As with their Area and Sleak saddles, Valid also comes in two different shapes and versions, so every rider will find their perfect match. Damping Elements With the gebioMized Valid they introduce new damping elements. Integrated into the shell of the saddle, they provide that special comfort for your ride on unpaved roads – or even badly maintained cycling lanes. Through testing both in their gebioMized concept-lab and in outdoor field sessions, gebioMized confirmed a significant effect. And this goes for both models of the Valid, in Channel or Cut-Out version.
No matter if on really long rides like a Granfondo or just the nice getaway in the evening: If you’re going with the comfort first approach, gebioMized Area is your weapon of choice. With it’s curved design it’s determined for cyclists with good flexibility who are looking for a large base. As well as it’s “sleaker” brother, Area also comes in two specific shapes for different loading types. Typically, this saddle is pretty popular amongst female riders. But they got word from many renowned bike fitters around the world, that they keep finding male cyclists who are feeling more comfortable on the Area. At the end your personal comfort is key.
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