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Momentum PakYak E+
Bring home the groceries, carry with your kid to school, plan a weekend adventure carrying all the gear you need. The PakYak E+ electric cargo bike combines powerful pedaling support with thoughtful functionality that makes it fun to simplify your life and ride instead of drive. The SyncDrive Pro mid-drive motor delivers seamless pedaling assistance so you ride easier—even on hilly terrain carrying a full load. You can carry up to max. 355 lbs/161kg on the bike and still have a smooth, nimble ride. It comes with a 500Wh battery and offers an auxiliary battery option to increase your range if needed. With the range of accessories available you can build the PakYak E+ in different configurations to fit the different needs of the household.
Benno RemiDemi DEMO
$2,799.99 $4,799.99 42% Off
This demo bike is in great condition with a brand new drive train and brake pads (see specs for details) including $400 in upgrades over the stock bike. Upgrades include a bolt on Utility Front Tray and the rear wood cargo box. This bike has been looked over by our service dept and is in 100% perfect working order. There are a few very minor scuffs on the frame but his bike could pass for new! This bike has 1500 kms on the odometer. Bike is being sold with a one-year parts warranty and life-time frame warranty. REMIDEMI. READY. CLEVER. BOLD! ebikes are less bikes and more two-wheeled electrical vehicles. That means they will continue to take on their own looks, identity and most importantly their own purpose. The electric motor changes how bikes ride, what you can do with them and what they are allowed to look like. Fat, small tires are no longer slow and hard to ride; they are fun, grippy and offer lots of cushy suspension. Low step through frames are cool and convenient. High handlebars allow you to sit upright with a clear view of the road. Bigger saddles are comfy and make you want to ride further. The RemiDemi was designed to shed those old and outdated beliefs. It's a totally new breed of ebikes with a fun yet sturdy and stable ride that gives you more control. The unique and iconic lines of the pragmatic frame design give it a fresh yet timeless and simple look. And of course being a Benno it has our trademarked Etility® Design which means it can carry more cargo and can easily be accessorized with different Benno front trays, Yepp® child seats and most Racktime® baskets, trays and bags.
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