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Pinhead Seat Collar
$19.99 - $29.99
Seat collar only! Works with the Pinhead seatpost lock. Anodized aluminum, laser engraved. Fits either 1) 31.8 mm (1.25"") and 28.6 mm (1.1") diameter seat tubes. 2) 34.9mm diameter seat tubes.
Pinhead Solid Axle Wheel Lock
$34.99 - $59.99
Locks your solid axle wheel/wheels to your frame. Locknuts replace standard axle hex nuts (M9, M10, 3/8") Protect your wheels for a fraction of their replacement cost. Single: Includes one lock nut and one coded key Pair: Includes two lock nuts and one coded key Make sure you select the correct axle diameter, 9 mm or 10 mm or 3/8". Order matching locks and replacement keys at
Pinhead Wheel Skewer Locks
$79.99 - $104.99
Pinhead locks prevents removal of your wheels, and/or the seatpost, front fork, and stem from your frame. Protects your wheels, seatpost, and stem for a fraction of their replacement cost. Pinhead locks use a special coded key that comes with each lockset. Each key is different and comes with an engraved nine-digit code so it can be replaced if lost, and matching locksets can be ordered. Skewer locks use a different key than solid axle locks. Once installed, the locks remain permanently on the bicycle, even when you ride. When you need to remove your wheels for servicing, or adjust your saddle height, your Pinhead key lets you do this quickly and easily. Pinhead locks provide improved safety and security over quick-release and other fastening methods. Pinhead service and support their products by providing free replacement of any defective item for the lifetime of the purchaser, free on-line key code registration, live telephone and internet technical support, and key and part replacement service depots in Canada and Germany. Their mission is to improve cycling security and safety with high-quality locks that protect the bike and provide a safer ride. Pinhead is an investment that protects your bike parts for a fraction of their replacement cost. You can add to your bike security at any time, with matching locks for other parts or bicycles.
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