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MarshGuard 20/20 fender
The MarshGuard fender has been designed for and used by mechanics and racers on the World Cup circuit. The MarshGuard stops mud being brought through the gap between the lower crowns and wheel on suspension forks. It also protects fork stantions and seals helping to extend fork service intervals. The MarshGuard has had more race wins than any other mudguard. With the introduction of the 275 wheel size, the shape and material weight altered slightly and then recently, with the launch of the new forks from many companies and riders opting for the 29 front wheel in DH racing, they decided to source another more sustainable materiel whilst updating the shape and fit. The new 2020 fully recycled and recyclable MarshGuard has arrived. The MarshGuard 20/20 is available in Black with logo’s in BLUE, ORANGE, GREEN, PINK, YELLOW, BLACK, RED, WHITE, TURQUOISE and SILVER FOIL. Super easy to install on most suspension forks with 4 plastic cable ties. Cable ties sold separately.
MarshGuard Stash
This small and clever piece of plastic is used in conjunction with the Marshguard fender and prevents dirt and grime from being thrown forward. Thus you are even more effectively protected and you need not fear the next wet ride. It fits most forks with a standard forward facing fork brace.
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