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We couldn't be more stoked. Whether you want to race or just rip, Yeti makes bikes you want to ride. With a history and pedigree that is the envy of the industry, their bikes all share a legendary DNA and spirit. Refined to perfection by the Rockies and an incredible team of racers, ambassadors and employee's. There isn't a Yeti that doesn't rip and they don't call them superbikes for no reason. 85 'Til Infinity.




Switch Infinity utilizes a patented translating pivot that switches direction as the bike moves through its travel. This provides a tailored anti-squat curve while allowing the leverage ratio to be tuned independently, something other systems can’t physically achieve. An initially high anti-squat value delivers superior pedaling performance. Further, into the travel, the anti-squat quickly drops off to allow the custom-tuned FOX Racing shock to perform as intended. These characteristics provide excellent mid-stroke support and a bottomless feel. 

Switch Infinity is a versatile system easily adaptable to different travel platforms. The system can be mounted in any orientation and can achieve a myriad of kinematics depending on the design intent. The Switch Infinity system can control this much more precisely than other suspension designs because of the linear path of the main pivot. The Switch Infinity is a simple, lightweight, bombproof system built by FOX Racing Shox from proven suspension components and engineered and tested to withstand the worst riding conditions. We use seals and bushings that are used in FOX's off-road racing division and a lightweight forged translation pivot.


The ARC is back. Conjuring up all the nostalgia from yesteryear. Show it your singletrack, pumptrack and your bikepack route too. The ARC has history to live up to and new history to make.

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Born to naturally crush the climbs, the SB115 is evolved. 115mm of genre killing travel because XC is no longer a glorified gravel race. The SB115 is deft on the downs, designed to race and built to rally.



The rebel yell of the middle child. Fed a steady diet of super-tech climbs. No trail is "too" anything. Point it up or down. No one bike can rule all. But the SB130? One bike that rules.



The SB140 never met a dirt it didn't like. The Mayor of Jibtown is happy to pedal and greedy for more. Proudly wearing the rip crown. What's your pleasure? More fun.



Unbridled speed. Astonishingly fast. The SB150 is the exemplification of Yeti's race bred heritage with more EWS stage wins than any other bike. That's all we need to say.

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Master of the Gnarniverse. Taken on the trails nobody talks about and trusted on the lines where mistakes can't happen. The SB165 is fearless of your fear.



We are incredibly proud to partner up with such an innovative brand. A brand that is committed to change and supporting it's community. That has an amazing history and culture. The bikes have already begun to arrive in store and will continue to over the next few months until we have a full lineup. A range of apparel will also be arriving soon because we are all in on the Turq. We will be doing a range of demo bikes for 2021 and are hoping to do some events if possible.                                  We cannot wait for this journey to really get going.