Women's MTB Skills Clinics

Learn New Skills - Build Confidence
Meet Smart Women - Do Fun Things!

Learn new MTB skills

This Skills Clinic is going to uplevel your riding ability and increase your confidence 10 fold.

It is specially designed to help YOU become a STRONGER, FASTER, more EFFICIENT and most importantly more CONFIDENT rider all while having FUN with other WOMEN who are in a similar boat as you.


Thursday August 15th, 6pm-8pm in the Don Valley Trails starting from Sweet Pete's Trailhead, 550 Bayview Ave in the Evergreen Brick Works.

Cost: $85.00 limited to 10 participants.

Skill level is intended for riders with some experience to intermediate level. Clinic will include, explanation & demonstration of skills, drills to explore the skills in a safe & controlled environment, Clear, concise & direct feedback through observation .

The Professional

Oh hi there! I'm Paige Royal, the founder of Pura Vida Performance and the amazing women's cycling community, the Pura Vida Mavericks.

I’ve been EXACTLY where you are right now. I’ve been a beginner and intermediate cyclist AND I had no one to show me the ropes. I learned the hard way and I certainly do not want that for you. I have yelled profanities, especially on hills. Tried for my inside voice but sometimes it came out my outside voice!

Toronto Don Valley, Trailhead