Park Tool School

Want to take your bike repair skills to the next level? Join us at Sweet Pete's for a four session intermediate level journey through bicycle mechanics.

We've added one more Park Tool School Session in March!
It's a condensed session that spans 2 weeks instead of 4. There's still 4 classes in this session but they take place on Saturday and Sunday evening over a two week period.

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Our four class course will run every Saturday and Sunday* evening for two weeks in mid March. Your DIY spirit will blossom in no time!

* Sunday classes start an hour earlier at 6pm!

This ParkTool School coarse is ideal for those with some mechanical experience and a desire to expand their knowledge and skill set. This course will give the novice or home mechanic a greater understanding of mechanical systems through hands-on instruction and engaging conversations. The course will be taught by Megz Jackman, our senior production mechanic with over 9 years of bicycle service experience. She'll walk you through the ins and outs of diagnostics, repairs, and installations for all manner of bikes.  Students will receive a Park Tool School Certificate of Completion upon finishing the course.

The cost per session (4 classes per session) is $250 + tax and each class is 2 hours in duration. The $250 fee includes the required reading material for the course - the Park Tool's Big Blue Book. Participants will also receive a 10% discount on any parts and tool purchases while enrolled. Also included is free storage for your bicycle if you'd prefer to keep it at the class room. All classes are taught at our Sweet Pete's Bloordale location at 1240 Bloor St West.  Park Tool School registration must be done online in advance of the first session date (see below). *Some classes may run longer then 2 hours.

Class 1  Introduction to Basic Mechanical Skills, Diagnostics, and Flat Repairs - Saturday March 17th 2018, 7-9pm  Will include a flat fix demo/lab.

Class 2  Bearings - Sunday March 18th 2018, 6-8pm  Bottom brackets, hubs, and headsets: get to know the infinite standards and how to tell when they're shot. Cartridge bearing installation and loose ball repack demo/lab.

Class 3  Brakes & Wheels - Saturday March 24th 2018, 7-9pm Minimum safety to maximum performance. The many types of brake, their history and their future. Will include a cable actuated demo and lab. Wheel trueness is key to proper braking, and as such we'll demo/lab both radial and lateral truing, and touch on dish and tension balancing.

Class 4  Gears and Chains - Sunday March 25th 2018, 6-8pm It stops! Now make it go. The ins and outs of single speeds, internal gear hubs, and derailleur systems. Wear-checking, cable install, and limit screw adjustment demo/lab.

Have any questions about the course? Contact the instructor Megz at

New to bicycles and want to learn the basics? Sign up for a single evening beginner level course on "bike basics" or "flat repair". 

Bike Basics Course (Single Class) 
January 20th, 7pm to 9pm

This course is designed for new cyclists, or riders that want to know a little more about how their bike works. We will cover the basics such as tire pressure, general maintenance and how to identify when there is a problem that requires attention. This course will help you spot a potential problem before it becomes costly, keep your ride running smoothly and save you from pricey repair bills in the future.

Have any questions about our single evening courses? Contact the instructor Megz at

 Register online here.

Flat Fix Course (Single Class) 
January 27th, 7pm to 9pm

The one thing that every cyclist should know!

We'll start with a brief overview of how the bicycle tire works, and the various causes of flats. We will also go over certain bicycle components relevant to flat fixes such as brakes and derailleurs. There will be a demo followed by a hands on lesson where participants are encouraged to bring in their own bike and go through the motions of fixing a flat.

Have any questions about our single evening courses? Contact the instructor Megz at

 Register online here.

Fine Print 
Students must pre-register for the course. Full payment will be required upon registration. 25% of the registration fee will be non-refundable. Minimum enrolment for Sweet Pete's to run each session is 2 students and maximum enrolment is 7 students. If a course doesn't reach minimum registration, anyone registered will be given the opportunity to take the next available course.

Sweet Pete's reserves the right to alter session syllabus to better suit the needs of each session. Students will be notified of any curriculum changes at our earliest possible convenience.