New Bike Fitting Service

At Sweet Pete’s we size every bike that we sell to ensure that the frame chosen is the correct size. Every new road bicycles over $1150 at Sweet Pete’s 1204 Bloor St W come with a complimentary Static Fit.  A Static Fit includes the following,

• cleat adjustment  
• seat fore and aft adjustment
• seat height adjustment
• bar angle adjustment.

Static Fits take approximately 20-30 minutes and will be booked at time of purchase. It must be redeemed within 90 days. It is recommended that you ride your new bike 2 -3 times before coming in for your fit.

Static Fits can be upgraded to a Retul Dynamic 3D motion Capture fit for $150 (MSRP $300). A Retul Dynamic Fit can make your riding even more comfortable and efficient. Learn More

All new bicycles sold at every Sweet Pete's location include a one year service plan. We like to think of it as one year of hassle free riding. Learn More