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2023 Holiday Gift Ideas

Sweet Pete's has great gifts for everyone from the casual cyclist to the hardcore riders in your life.

We stock a large variety of products to appeal to every type of cyclist. We've put together a list of some of our favorite bike goodies for every budget.

Give A Gift Card

Whether you're worried you'll buy something they already have or you just don't know where to even start, gift cards are always a safe bet. They'll pick out exactly what they want, and besides, who doesn't like free money?

Explore Gift Ideas By Price

Have a budget in mind? Explore these links and find the right gift at the right price.

Explore Gift Ideas By Rider

Know who you're shopping for but not what they like? 

Here are some ideas based on some common kinds of riders.

Gifts for kids

Kids' bikes and helmets always make for a super special holiday gift. Bike bells come in fun designs and baskets are also great ideas. And don't forget a simple lock so their new wheels stay safe.

Gifts for commuters

Bike commuters are a hearty bunch who appreciate practicality and functionality. Safety gear like helmets, lights, bells, mirrors, and reflective clothing are safe bets. Cargo carrying solutions like racks and bags are also smart ideas. A strong portable lock is always a nice gesture, and fenders can help keep their clothes dry on wet roads.

Gifts for mountain bikers

Mountain bikers like to have fun in nature and get a little wild. Helmets and protective gear help keep them safe, while fun socks or cool gloves will keep them comfortable. MTB jerseys are a great idea, as are top tube bags and backpacks so they can carry flat kit essentials like pumps and tools. And if you really want to splurge, a nice car rack will transport their bikes to the trail easily and securely.

Gifts for road cyclists

Road cyclists love challenging themselves and they appreciate good gear that helps them perform. A cool new jersey is always welcome, as are jackets for bad weather, cyclo-computers for tracking mileage, lights for being seen on the road, and fun bottles for staying hydrated. Indoor trainers make an epic gift, as do sports watches and GPS units.

Explore Gift Ideas By Category

Still looking for more inspiration? Here's a list of all our top selling categories during the holidays.

Top Bike Category Gifts

Kids' bikes: probably the the best gift for kids out there, check out our size guide if you need help

Recreation bikes: Recreation or hybrid bikes make great commuters and general all arounders

Top Bike Accessory Gifts

Bags: whether it's a MTB backpack, panniers for a rear rack, or a frame bag, having storage room for ride essentials is a must 

Bells: from funky bells that inspire smiles to sleek high quality models, it's great to be able to let people know you're passing them

Bottles: water bottles are like socks, you can never have too many fun ones

Car racks: stop letting your loved one disassemble their bike to cram it into their car

Computers: help your favorite rider track their speed and mileage

Lights: make sure they can see and be seen on the road or trail

Helmets: nothing says "I love you" more than a cool looking, brain protecting lid

Locks: small, portable locks make great gifts

Pumps: choose a nice portable hand pump or a quality floor pump for the garage

Tools: having the right tools make bike ownership so much better, make sure they at least have an allen key set and a multi tool

Trainers: help your favorite rider stay active all year long with an indoor trainer

Top Bike Apparel Gifts

Gloves: gloves are a good bet in any season, from holt sweaty days to chilly evenings

Hats/headwear: warm head bands or casual hats from their favorite brand makes a solid gift

Jerseys: cool jerseys are always welcome in a cyclists wardrobe

Socks: fun socks are never a bad idea