Why Sweet Pete's

Why Sweet Pete's?
Easy -- because Sweet Pete has a yacht payment to make!  Just kidding!
The truth is simple: we don't just sell bikes - we love bikes and we want you to love them just as much as we do.

Here are just a few reasons why Sweet Pete's provides the best cycling experience in Toronto:

We view our hiring of new staff as some the most important decisions we make and we like to do it a bit differently than most.  Of course bike experience is useful (and passion for cycling is a must), however, we look first and foremost for personality.  When you're in the market for a new bike, you've got a ton of options.  Being able to speak to someone who can truly find out your needs, relate to your concerns and find solutions is what separates Sweet Pete's from the rest.  Our staff are friendly, honest, enthusiastic people who are completely empowered to ensure that every customer is satisfied with their experience every time.

With so many companies making so many great bikes and accessories, how are you supposed to narrow it down to just one?  We've done most of the legwork for you as we carry a wide selection from the top companies in the world.  Bikes from Trek, Giant, Kona and Brooklyn are world class when it comes to quality, selection, warranty and value.  A multitude of options in helmets from Bell, Giro and Bern.  Locks from Kryptonite and Abus.  Clothing from Sugoi, Gore, Bontrager, IceBreaker and Sombrio.  Bags from Arkel, Blackburn, Chrome or Ynot.  Child carriers from Thule/Chariot.  If we carry a product, it's best in class.

In addition to a wide selection of city/commuter, mountain and road bikes, we also offer BMX bikes, kids bikes, cargo bikes, electric bikes and even adult trikes. And, unlike many of our competitors, if we don't happen to have the item that you want in stock, we're more than happy to special order it for you.

We don't flip to skiis or snowboards in the winter.  You won't find rollerblades or hockey gear in our stores.  We're all about bikes - open to close, all year long.  Our tech centres host over a dozen well-trained technicians, headed up by Shawn (Bloordale), Brad (Annex) and Adam (BrickWorks), our service managers each with well over a decade worth of experience in the industry.  There isn't much that these guys haven't seen.  They're excellent.  Period. With reasonable rates and a forward-thinking appointment system (meaning you're not stuck without your bike for more than 24 hours), there's simply not a better place in the city to have your trusty steed taken care of.

Test rides
We don't just 'allow' test rides on our bikes, we INSIST that you try before you buy.  We could talk for days on end about geometry differences, one part versus another, company philosophy, blah, blah, blah......but the absolute best way to determine which bike is right for you, you need to take a few out for a spin.  Once we've narrowed the field down to a few contenders, you'll find the test ride to be the most valuable half hour you can spend in your quest for a new set of wheels.

After Sales Service
The service doesn't stop when you ride out the door.  We want your bike to work like it did on 'Day One' for as long as possible!  Except in the most unusual of circumstances, all of the bikes that we sell come with a lifetime warranty on the frames and a one to two year warranty on moving parts.  To coincide with that, we include a range of service offerings to keep you bike performing the way you expect. This includes a free Six Week Service, Flat Fix Coverage, free instalation of accessorie purchased here, and A half price Tune-up in the first year.

Cycling has changed.  Who'd have guessed that the humble bicycle would turn into a major election issue and a topic for regular newspaper articles?  At Sweet Pete's, as much as we simply love to ride, we also realize the not insignificant role that bikes have to play in the world -- be it as part of an overall health strategy, a transportation solution/gridlock buster, and an amazing tool in the battle against global warming.

We're active participants/supporters/partners in events like Bells on Bloor, organizations such Toronto Cyclists Union, amazing publications like Dandyhorse, and the list goes on.  Remember a few years ago when you could buy a bike without having to pay PST?  Sweet Pete himself worked tirelessly as President of  the Bicycle Trade Association to campaign the government to enact that tax break.  We believe in bikes and the part they'll play in our city's future -- we're not politicians but we certainly work hard to shape that future as it pertains to bikes!