Purchase Financing

Get the bike you want from Sweet Pete’s with financing options from Desjardins.  With flexible payment methods, competitive interest rates and monthly billing, purchasing the bike you want has never been easier. Choose from no interest plans or plans with competitive rates on a monthly term that works for you.

Plan A – Finance your new bike with equal payments for up to 12 months interest free.  Subject to an administration fee of $59.99. 

Plan B – Finance your new bike with equal payments for up to 3 years with a maximum annual interest rate of 13.5%

All financing plans are offered through Desjardins and are subject to their credit approval process.  All payments are processed through Desjardins not Sweet Pete’s. 

The Application Process
Applying is as simple as filling in a secure online application with one of our financing specialists.  You will need to have a photo identification, SIN, relevant employment and income information.  This process will take approximately 30 minutes.

Key Points

  • Simple financing options to help you get the bike you want today
  • Can be repaid in part or in full at any time without penalty
  • Up to 12 months interest free with an admin fee of $59.99
  • Up to 3 years with competitive annual interest rate and no upfront fees
  • Monthly statements provided by Desjardins
  • Simple secure online application done in store with quick turnaround


Plan A - $1500 tax included purchase would amount to 12 equal payments of $125 with a onetime admin fee of 59.9 plus tax paid at time of purchase.  Total Paid $1567.78. 

Plan B - 18 months - $1500 tax included purchase would amount to 18 equal payments of $92.52 including interest with nothing due in store. Total Paid $1665.39