Kids' Bike Swap

We're all aware that at some point your child will outgrow their bicycle. 
Sweet Pete's is here to 
help you with that simple fact of life.
Date: June 9 and 10 (Saturday and Sunday) at our Annex location (517 Bloor St W)

How does it work?

One week prior to the event (June 4 to June 8), bring in your pre-loved kids bike to our 517 Bloor St W (Annex) location. One of our skilled mechanics will give your bike a free six-point safety inspection and inform you of any parts that should be replaced in order for it to be safe to sell. Our knowledgeable sales staff will then help you determine a fair asking price for the bike. Lastly, fill out a brief seller's agreement form and then leave the selling to us. We will do our best to sell your bike during the two-day event and give you 100% of the proceeds as an instore credit* or 80% of the proceeds in the form of a store-issued cheque**
*Your in-store credit never expires  **Please allow one week for processing


Do I need to be on site to sell my bike?
No, not at all. Our staff will handle the sales. 

May I bring in an adult’s bike to try to sell? 
No, the swap is for pre-loved kids bikes ONLY. 

Does the pre-owned kids’ bike have to have been purchased at Sweet Pete’s?
No, you can bring any kids’ bike to the swap.

May I use the proceeds of my used bike sale for the purchase of an adult’s bike?
You may use your in-store credit for anything in our store. The credit never expires so there is no rush to use it. 

What if I want to buy a pre-loved bike before my used bike sells? 
Not a problem. Go ahead and buy a new or used bike. If your bike sells after you have bought another bike from us, new or used, we will give you 100% of the proceeds from the sale of your used bike.

Does Sweet Pete’s offer a warranty on the used bikes that customers bring in to sell?
We will do a six-point safety inspection to insure the bike is functioning safely. It is the sellers choice if they wish to put new parts on the used bike to enhance it’s performance. Sweet Pete’s does not guarantee the parts on any used bikes but will ensure the bike is functioning properly.
There is no manufacturer or service warranty on any used bikes. 
All new bikes from Sweet Pete’s come with a 1 year Bicycle Service Plan as well as a limited manufacturers' warranty.

Can I get a email reminder two weeks prior to the event?
No problem, just click on this e-mail link and we'll send you a reminder just before the event.