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TuneUps & Repairs

Our service departments are here to get you back on the road or trail. Whether you need a flat tire fixed, a tune-up or a suspension tune, we can handle it! Our service technicians have over 57 years of combined experience, so you can rest assured your bike is in good hands and will come back to you in tip-top shape.

We service all types*, brands and vintages of bicycles.  Stop by anytime for a free estimate. Our service departments are frequently backed up during peak season (April to June), so we strongly urge you to call ahead and schedule your tune-up appointment now. Or bring your bike in over the winter and beat the spring rush!  *We only service e-bikes and e-bike brands that we carry.

Our service departments offer 3 tune-up packages, as well as many a la carte service options. Our tune-up package prices reflect labour only, and all parts are extra. See below for what is included and how our tune-up packages compare.

Standard Tune-Up  $80
• Just $70 for single speeds
• Gear adjustment, front and rear 
• Brake adjustment, front and rear
• Checking of all bearings (headset, BB, hubs)
• Minor wheel truing
• Inflate tires to proper pressure
• Frame and wheel wipe down
• Chain, pulley and pivot lubrication
• Tightening of loose nuts and bolts

Performance Tune-Up  $160
• all service features from our standard tune-up
• complete ultrasonic drivetrain clean
• full wheel tension and true

Winter Tune-Up  $160
• all service features from our standard tune-up
• BB & rear hub overhaul
• seatpost, stem, brake bosses, and all eyelet bolts are removed and re-greased

Below are some of our more popular service items. Click on the link to learn more about what each service entails.  Click Here for a detailed list of all of our service prices. Have questions, feel free to contact any one of our service departments or e-mail us at    

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Sweet Pete's Tune-Up

Performed by one of our certified and experienced bicycle mechanics, the Sweet Pete's Tune-Up includes, • Tune-Up for single-speed bicycles is $70 • Gear adjustment, front and rear • Brake adjustment, front and rear • Check all bearings (BB, headset & hubs) • Minor wheel truing • Inflate tires to… [more]

Sweet Pete's Fenders Install

One of our experienced service techs will install compatible* fender sets onto your trusty bike. * For most of our full fender sets, our bicycle must have all the neccessary fender mounting eyelets. If your bicycle doesn't have proper fender mounts, no worries, we offer other options. Contact us… [more]

Sweet Pete's Flat Tire Repair

One of our service techs will remove the punctured innertube and replace it with a new tube* and then re-install the tire, and pump it up to the recommended air pressure. Before they install the new tube they will inspect your current tire for wear as well as help you determine the cause of your… [more]

Sweet Pete's Brake Adjust

One of our service techs will inspect then adjust the brake (front or rear) on your bicycle. If when adjusting your brake they discover you need a new brake cable* and or housing*, the labour to replace the cable and housing is included in the adjust price. If the brake pads need replacing, the… [more]

Sweet Pete's Tape Drop Bars

Nothing refreshes your ride like new bar tape. One of our experienced service technicians will remove your old bar tape and wrap fresh bar tape onto your drop bars. This price does not include the cost of the bar tape. Need new bar tape? Check out our selection by clicking on the link below:… [more]

Sweet Pete's Wheel True (with no broken spokes)

Does your bikes' wheel have a wobble? Does your brake pad occasionally rub the rim when cruising down the street? If so, you most likely need a wheel true. One of our service techs will inspect* and then adjust the tension on one or more spokes to eliminate that wobble. * A wheel true that requires… [more]

Sweet Pete's Derailleur Adjustment

Do the gears* on your bike not shift properly? Maybe your bike is just slow at switching gears? Sounds like you might need a derailleur adjustment! One of our service techs will inspect the derailleur (front or rear) as well as the derailleur cable and housing and make any necessary adjustments to… [more]

Sweet Pete's Front or Rear Rack Install

One of our experienced service techs will install a compatible* front or rear rack onto your trusty bike. * Your bicycle must have all the neccessary rack mounting eyelets. ** For an additional labour fee our service department can also install certain racks to bicycle frames without standard rack… [more]

Sweet Pete's Install/Remove Cassette or Freewheel

One of our service techs will install or remove your cassette or freewheel. They will inspect and grease all the parts required when installing those items. [more]

9 Results

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